I Challenge Me

The Forth of July is one of my top three holidays of the year. Reason being
is that it represents how our country gained its freedom & independence. So,
each year at this time I recommit myself to gaining my freedom & independence.

We all dream about having financial & time freedom but how many actual work
at achieving it? Not that many because they believe that they do not have a chance
at it. No matter how old you are or what stage of your life you are at now, it can
happen for you.

As for the title of this post it is what I am doing this month. Taking on a few
challenges that will help me achieve my dreams. I have tried to do these things
but on & off and that just doesn't work. You have to be consistent in your efforts
no matter what you are trying to improve in your life.

For instance this blog has not been posted to on a regular basis in the last few
months & that does not help me in achieving my dreams. So, I have signed
up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge, where we are to post to our blog for 31
days straight. I am all ready behind but will catch up & follow through on this.
This is something I will use to build my network so it is important to keep it up
and maintain it.

Then there is this 31 day email challenge that I stepped up for. It is a know fact that
the money is in the list so, why have I not build my like I should? Why have you not
built yours yet? Well that is changing this month as I am going to be in list building
mode from here on out.  Again this is a skill that I have to learn and apply in order to
get what I want.

This is just a couple of the things that I am willing to change so that my life will move
to the next level. There are other challenges I am taking on also for the simply reason is
that I want to experience more out of life and I am the only one who is going to make
that happen. Also want to find or inspire others to do the same for themselves so, they
can get what they want.

Dreams do still come true and yours can also. Lets make it happen.