Staying Motivated - How to Help Yourself

In the beginning you were likely gung-ho about starting your
own business. Maybe some of that fire is starting to flicker out.
So, how can you stay motivated?

It is the hardest thing next to getting into business in the first place.
When times get tough you may decide that you want to throw in the
towel. Before you make that decision, however, consider a few ways
that you can help yourself to regain your zest for running the business.

First, ask yourself a few questions:

* Why did you start the business in the first place? Don’t underestimate
the power of your memory. Were you working for someone else but
wanting to be your own boss? If you don’t want to return to that way of life,
then don’t give up when the chips are down.

* How are things looking for your competition? It could be that everyone is
having a slow season. Evaluate your growth compared to others in your
niche. There are two things that can motivate you to keep going here.

One - your competition is doing better than you are. A little friendly rivalry is
healthy. You can opt to step up your game and learn from whatever others
in your niche are doing to make financial gains where you are not.

Two - if your competition is in the same boat, you can rise above the
mediocrity to make your business a household name. Remember what you
started the business for. If you are going to make a living and reach your
goals, keep the big picture in mind.

* What are your goals? Each business has to remain focused in order to
move forward. Your goals set the path along which you will travel. But, if your
goals are non-existent or they aren't strong enough to support your business,
then it is time to re-evaluate and change them to become the appropriate
platform to help you gain success.

Now that you have asked yourself some questions, here are a few suggestions
to help you continue to push forward.

Get sage advice – Consult a trusted advisor or business coach. They can help
you to regain your focus and also set a new course for your business should you
need that. Choose someone who has found success in your niche as well as
experience in the areas of business you need help with.

Gain camaraderie on forums – Visit and become a participating part of niche
business forums. You can find out tips to help you move forward in your business.
Don’t neglect local business associations and their ability to help you.

Above all, cut yourself some slack. As long as you are committed to your business,
give yourself the space to grow.

What is Self Esteem

What is self esteem? It is merely an opinion of how you see yourself.
There are two types namely high self esteem and low self esteem and
between the two, it is better to have the first. This is because high
self-esteem enables you to love yourself for who you are while low self
esteem doesn’t make you grow as a person and make you successful. 

But where do you get self-esteem? Well as a child, you get it from your
parents. If they raised you right and praised you for your achievements,
chances are you will have a positive outlook of yourself and life. If
you happen to be raised by parents who are not very caring, well you won’t
see the positive qualities you have and will have an angry outlook at the world.

You can also get this from your friends and your peers because sometimes,
how we feel about ourselves is based on the perception of others. If you are
able to ignore the negative sentiment, you are fine because you don’t let
such words affect you.

In the end though, your self esteem comes from inside you. To figure that out,
you can ask yourself some simple questions. Do you like who you are? Are you
happy? Do you think you are a good person? Most of the time, the answer is yes
even if sometimes you have doubts about yourself.

To get rid of those doubts, well you should first accept your faults and
realize that you are not the only one that has this problem. Everyone has a
few flaws that they want to get rid of so you must have the willingness to
change in order to improve yourself.

Another thing you should accept is that you are different from the rest.
This is not only in terms of your physical attributes but also who you are
personally just like each person has their own set of fingerprints that can
never be duplicated by anyone else.

For those that need help, well they can get counseling to improve their
self-esteem or listen to self-help tapes that are designed to do the same
thing as well.

Another technique which won’t cost you a thing will be to write down on a
piece of paper 50 things you like about yourself and then cherishing it. Since
we all grow and change every single day, try to write down one good thing you
did about yourself daily so you can look up and realize that you are not a bad

When you have high self esteem, you are less likely to do anything destructive to
yourself or to others. This is because you have a positive outlook about life and
are always optimistic about the future. With that, you can probably say you can
get anything you want out of life when you have this quality but remember not to
confuse it with being too overconfident because there are two different things.

Another benefit of high self esteem is being able to have an easier time handling
problems and resisting negative pressures. But we should not forget that is
something that we inherit and not something we are born with. This can change in
the years to come only if we allow it and if this happens, hopefully we can be
better than who we were before rather than going the opposite direction.
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