If you're fed up, read this...


I know it’s Monday and that your time
is at a premium thanks to all of the
Holiday preparations…

If there was a better time to send this,
I would… But it’s simply too important…

Over the past week, I’ve sent you a
few emails about a project that my
friend Mike Dillard created last year
that I’m very passionate about called
The Elevation Group…

Basically, he’s been showing the
Middle Class how to turn these times
of economic hardship into massive
financial opportunity, but…

We’ve been holding out on you…

There is an infinitely bigger agenda
behind this project that I’ve known
about for a few weeks…

One that will affect you, your children,
and millions of people around the
world in the coming years…

If you are fed up with the corruption
on Wall Street and in Washington,
then you will jump for joy when you
see this…

They are literally going to change
 the world, which is why I’ve been
 so passionate about sharing this
 message with you…

Today I finally get to share that plan
with you, and ask you for your help…

Please take a moment to watch this
video with your significant other
tonight... (Especially if you have,
or plan to have children).

The video will be released at 9:00pm EST
at the link below. Go before that time & watch
video 1 & 2.

Have an IRA or 401k? Read this...

Well, tell me, how many of you went and watched
that video I told you about in my last post?

You know if you didn't then you are the one that is
going to mix out on changing your financial future
within the next year. all becasue you did not take

I don't know about you but my 401k has lost money
this year & the year before. it makes me wonder if it
is still worth funding it because if that keeps up I will
not have anything much when I retire. I am not saving
it to lose it before I get a chance to enjoy it.

Look  I know it’s Sunday aand it’s getting close to the
Holiday’s, but if you have money in an IRA, 401K, or the
stock market, you need to watch this video TODAY.
Have your spouse join you because they’ll want to see this too.

There’s no sales pitch. It’s just pure content from a
multi-millionaire friend of mine who’s trying to save the
middle class… (According to him, you have about
3-9 months left before you’re too late).

7 Steps to Predict Your Financial Future

Ok… this is one of the coolest “projects”
I’ve ever seen…

It’s pretty obvious that the big-shot bankers
on Wall Street have been getting richer and
richer during this economic crisis, while your
friends and family members haven’t.

(who made his first million by the age of 26),
and he’s basically started a “movement”,
Well this really ticked-off my friend Mike Dillard,
in order to even the score and allow the rest
of us to profit from the current economic chaos
just like they are.                

Despite the fact that he’s not an investor, trader,
or financial guru of any kind, he’s made a
300%+ return since 2008, while the rest of the world
has lost 30-40% of their portfolio.


Get this… He found a “map” back in 2007 that’s
allowed him to basically predict the financial future.

Like I said… VERY COOL… (And yes, it’s the real deal).

Anyway, he recorded a three-part, “Year-In-Review”,
video series this month showing how he’s managed
to discover and use these little-known investment
strategies, and has decided to share it with the
public over the next few days.

I just finished watching Part I here about his economic
predictions for 2012, and it’s a MUST WATCH.


I’d have to say my favorite part about his strategie
is that you don’t need to be a trader, and you
don’t need to be rolling in money. All you need is
 the desire to learn how the rich are getting richer
'these days, so you can too…

You can watch all three videos along with me this
 week by clicking here to go to his site…