Why you should choose working at home business opportunities offered by MLM?

MLM is a powerful business concept for many reasons but the most obvious is for the type of income it can provide the network marketer. It is so powerful that many fortune 500 companies have used, and some are still using, this business model to build their multi-million dollar empire. So why cannot the average person do the same?

The answer is average people are already working some great MLM home-based businesses opportunities. Are you one of them? If not, now is an excellent time to get started. Millionaires have taken notice of MLM as a home-based business opportunity that average people can work into and build wealth.

MLM is a huge, thriving industry in spite of all the negative publicity it receives in the media
from anti-MLM enthusiasts. Many millionaires express how MLM is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in building a home-based business without having to work from scratch. Such giants as Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump. Warren Buffet has bought some MLM comapnies that are now part of his empire. Can you use some extra income?

Most consumers would probably answer yes to this question. Everybody can use extra income every month. But where is this extra income going to come from? One obvious solution would be is to get a second job. This option may seem to be the best solution but is really not. This is because the time you spend on your second job and the money you receive after taxes is not enough. Plus there are many tax advantages to owning your own business as compared to the disadvantages of just getting another job.

Of course you will have to consider your reasons for getting a second job and why you need the
extra income to determine if getting a second job is really the right solution for you.
However, on the other hand, you can start working on your own part-time home-based business using MLM as your business opportunity. You can get started in the industry for nearly nothing. This is a big plus.

How can you start working in an MLM home business opportunity you have heard so much
about? Getting started in network marketing has become so easy that anyone can get started even if you do not have a dime to invest in your start up. However, you are not going to get very far because most people who invest nothing end up doing nothing. Tell me what business do you know of that you can start & grow without any money invested? Just think about what it takes to run any business & that shows you will have to invest a little money at least to get it up & going.

The key here is to simply get started then never quit. Many legitimate MLM home business opportunities will allow you to get started for under $100. You can even find free opportunities with little or no overhead expenses and with great support from other members as well as the parent company.

These companies will provide all the tools and system for you. You simply add your sweat equity, your working commitment, and persistence to the MLM home business opportunity. Remember to choose a well-established company that offers quality consumable products or services with an excellent management team and support to their distributors. Another important key factor is your commitment to the company and its products and services. Working for a home business MLM opportunity means that you should be a bona-fide user and marketer of the products and services you want to earn extra income from.

In conclusion, MLM is a smart business opportunity sense for anyone wishing to start working at home. It cost next to nothing to get started, you get a proven system like you would if you
bought a franchise opportunity, and you can be in profit in months rather than in years.
Therefore, if you desire more income while still working a 9 to 5 job, or to build your
retirement income, then you should seriously consider working for a home business MLM opportunity.

Change is constantly happening no matter if we want it to or not. There are some who do not want or like things to change. Then there are those who look for or expect change to come. It does not matter which group you fall into because change is coming & will continue to evolve as we live here on planet earth.

There has been some major changes that have occurred here in America & around the world. Our economy has taken a downward fall, jobs are being lost everyday by the hundreds & thousands. People are losing their homes at alarming rates & thus the only wealth they have for many of them. This is having an effect on the world economy as well & if the other countries start having the troubles we are then it is really going to be a mess.

So for me and I believe everyone out there we have two decisions to make. First we must decide how we are going to react to changes that come. Second we have to decide what we are going to do about them. Are we going to accept or reject them. Work towards making them happen or stop them from happening. As you can see things that are happening now effect you one way or another. So, you can not sit by & do nothing or you will come out on the short end of the stick.

What is happening in the economy now is enough to cause everyone to do something. I say this because it touches us in all aspects of our lives. Jobs, housing, education, & health care just for starters. We can not depend on the corporations or the government to take care of us because they can't or will not by themselves.

We have to accept or deal with these changes ane then do what we can to take care of ourselves & our families. We must create our own economy within the overall economy. That is why I believe that you must start a business as the way to generate income & profits to be self sufficient.

As I have stated before, I was tired of the way things where going for me. So, I had to change what I was doing which in most cases was not enough to improve my situation. If you are honest with yourself you can say the samething.

So join me in a movement of change so that we can improve our lot in life and help make a difference for or in others. One of the best ways to do this is to be of service to others. We are mostly a service based economy and if you can find your way in it, then you will be able to provide for yourself & family and realize your dreams.
Do You Think Like Kim Kardashian?

I have to admit that I am not a big television watcher because there is so much more I could use my time doing. However, when I do it is for getting educated on some topic, issue, or interest that I have at the time. In addition, that could be a lot for someone like me.

Then there are some shows that I watch just for the entertainment value because lets face it, which is what it is mostly about anyway, right? One of those shows is “Dancing with the Stars” that really entertains & inspires me. If you have seen it you know what I mean and if not I recommend that you check it out.

The concept of the show is that regular celebrities are partnered up with dance instructions to learn ballroom dancing, and then there is a contest to see who can stay on until the end to be crowned champion ballroom dancer. During the show, you get to see the training that goes on to prepare for each week because they have to come out & perform one or two dances on the show. There are three judges that analyze and give them a score. The audience and home viewers get to vote on them also.

One of my favorites on this series is Kim Kardashian. Now if you do not know who she is she has a reality show that shows her daily experiences with her family. Her mother is married to Bruce Jennier the Olympic gold medal decathlon winner from back in the day. Besides that Kim is one awesome looking young lady that should being doing more than she is.

That is why I titled this article as I did. I said before when I am watching t.v. it is to learn something if I can and I did watching her. The “Dancing with the Stars” show I am talking about was on Tuesday, September 23. I missed Monday’s episode and Kim was almost eliminated Tuesday because of her slack performance. When I saw her dance on Tuesday, I could tell she still did not realize what it takes to stay on the show.

The judges told her that with the style, looks, and assets she has she should be on fire on the dance floor. However, because of what she thinks she is not doing her best. Could that be the reason you are not doing your best in what you are doing or trying to do.

Now granted she is not a dancing queen or a major performer, if she believed that she was her dancing would have a lot more life to it. She is too stiff, shy, and reserved for that show and it could cost her in the end.

When being interviewed she stated that people think she is out going, party loving hot sexy free spirit. However, in her mind and reality she is not. She is having problems bringing that out of herself. It just seems to me with the way she looks, people she knows that she could come off that way when needed to get what she wanted out of life. Since Kim is not using it, her charisma she is doing all that is possible for her to do. That is to become a Big Time Celebrate and capitalize off it while she can.

That is why I asked are you thinking like her because if you are, you are shortchanging yourself. It may not be that you should try to do or be what others think of you but you should do or be the best you can at what it is you do or want to do.

I have struggled with this for a long time myself and it has held me back as well. It was not that I did not think I could do more. My problem was not taking the action to do it, which would change my life. That is how this blog came into being.

Wanting more time and financial freedom for others and myself I was given the concept of “Networks Build Networth” along with the inspiration to figure out how and to show others the way. Your way may not be exactly like mine but if I can show or tell you something that you can use to find your way, then it is all-good and will benefit us all.

Therefore, it is important that we start believing in ourselves and our abilities to do what we want. Even if it does not seem so now do not give up.
Start A Business NOW!!!!

You may be thinking - say what; Start a business Now. With the economy in a recession or heading that way. The prices of everything going up. People losing their jobs by the thousands. It would be crazy to think about starting a business now.

I use to think that way also. Until I read in one of the many business books read over the years that this environment is great because you learn to operate during tough times. Plus there are some businesses that do really well during a period like this. The home based business industry is one of them. Since you can start small and do while you keep your regular job.

You should look at it as being your backup plan if you were to lose your job. We just do not know what is going to happen in the future & if you do not have, a nice sum put back in saving, it is not going to be easy to get by. Most of us are just getting by no and we are working everyday. That is the bad part.

Being in business for yourself allows you to earn an extra stream of income to help meet the bills that come due. The taxman when he comes calling. The fuel cost just to get back & forth to work and/or school. Put food on the table & buy medicine when you or a family member is sick. And as far as talking about having a savings account-the majority of us do not even have one let alone a nice tidy sum in it.

Then what about those unexspecting emergencies that all ways seem to pop up. The Pay Day Loan industry was born out of this problem & they are everywhere now.

Now granted that 90 – 95% of businesses usually fail within 5 years, if you get educated about starting & running a business, do some research & have the will & determination, passion for it, there is no telling how big your business can become.

These are just some of the benefits of having your own business for you to consider. We will discuss others such as health issues, time for family & friends, community involvement in future articles.

Look at it this way, it’s all about FREEDOM. We all want more of it but it is slipping away from us more & more each day. You are probably working a 2nd or 3rd job now to earn the extra money you need but you do not have any time for yourself let alone anything else. Working like that only makes us more tired and brings on a lot more stress. Who needs more of that when it makes us unhealthy and no fun to be around?

Now it will take time & effort to get your business up and going but at least it is something that is yours. You are building something that can support your dreams & desires to have a happy, fulfilling life. Plus once it is up & running and at a point it is providing as much or more income than your job, guess what? You can quit that job devote more time to your business & eventually have the money and time to do what you want to do.

Hey that is what I am looking for what about you? If you are looking for that also get in touch with me and lets take this journey together.
Education Is Key

Well, it has come to that time of year again, the beginning of the new school year. Here in the South school has started or so but in other parts of the country it may not be until after Labor Day. It took some adjusting on my part when I moved to South Carolina from New York because of that. Then there are some children who are ready to go back & some who are not.

This message however is for the parents because it is time for them to realize that they need to be getting educated also. This is the one way for them to stay afloat or get ahead in the fallen economy. If you are not trying to learn something that will make you more valuable on your current job, preparing you for a new job or getting ready to start your own business then you may be experiencing some troubled times in the future.

I know because if I had not taking the opportunity to move into another department at my job I would have been laid off also. The company I worked for was bought out & the main operation shutdown. They wanted this new process that we had developed & since I was a part of it that helped me to stay on. Now, that situation was avoid but I might not be so lucky the next time.
That is if the company decides to move our production overseas or shuts it down completely.

When I was growing up I was in the Boy Scouts and part of their motto is “Be Prepared”. So, having seen the handwriting on the wall and lived thru it for now, I thought I had better take some action just in case. And I suggest that you do the same. If you watch the news, read the newspaper or listen to the radio you know you are just making it day by day. You do not know if you are going to be working the next day or not.

Let me ask you a question or two, what would you do if you lost your job tomorrow? How long could you pay your bills before you found another? Is your field of work experiencing growth or decline? Could you easily move into a job in another industry? Think about it if you haven’t. This may be the wake up call you need before you actually have to work through this situation.

As I see it you have two options to combat this potential problem. There may be more than two but in my opinion these are the only ones that offer lasting results. You could do as my co-worker did go to tech school and learn a new skill. Since he is into computers he took up Network & Systems Design. Going back to school is a definite plus but you must go into a field that is growing or at least has a steady demand for workers.

The other option is to look into starting your own business. This could be a home based or a traditional one but, just get one going. There are many opportunities out there especially since the internet has become such an integral part of our lives. Be warned, there are many, many scams and con artist out there so due your homework before investing in anything.

Your future depends on you and that is why you should be doing some thinking & research about what else you could do if you had to. Remember we are dealing in a global economy now and it is going to take what you know now & what you learn to be able to survive & then thrive in the 21st century.