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I hope you have read my previous post about creating
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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started
online to generate income. however, there are somethings
you need to know how to do in order for it to produce
the kind of income you are looking for.

It has always been my belief that if you want to learn
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How To Generate Cash Flow For MLM Using Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure as a network marketer, you will want these two things more
than anything else for your business – more leads and more cash
flow for your business.

Let’s talk about cash flow.

You see, getting leads in your business is very important, no doubt.
But leads in and of itself that doesn’t transform into money is as useless
as window shoppers. Some window shoppers might walk into a shop to
checkout your wares, but when nobody is buying your products, you might
as well shut down your business because you can’t even pay your monthly
rental to keep your business alive.

The network marketing business functions on the same level as opening
your own restaurant or a shop:

-   You need to buy products every single month or pay for your monthly
auto-ship. Now opportunities with auto-ships may be a double edged sword.
You have a commitment to pay monthly but so do your downlines (and that
translate into a monthly income for you). A program without an enforced auto-ship
is good too, but the volume needs to come in order for your business volume to
grow. In essence, you have to spend money to buy products; otherwise, your
downline will not do so (duplication).

-   You need to pay for your gas mileage and other fixed expenses. After all, you
have to maintain your day to day expenses. Many network marketers get so fired
up about their business until they forget that they have to pay their expenses and
they quit because they run out of money.

-   You need to invest in training materials as well. That is the only way to move
forward as a leader. Books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and seminar tickets are all expensive
but worthwhile investments.

Bottom-line, you must have cash flow otherwise you can’t succeed in network marketing.

Let’s explore a way to get cash flow consistently. The first two ways are the most
common, while the third way is untapped (mostly by network marketers) and worth

1.   Recruiting new downlines and getting them to buy starter pack. This is one of the
fastest, quick money ways to get cash flow. You can also cash in on their monthly
auto-ship and other purchases.

2.   Retailing – you can make a consistent income when you retail your company’s
products to your consumers.

3.   Affiliate marketing – this is a very good way to make money from your leads or
prospects even if they do not fall into the two categories above.

When you engage in affiliate marketing, your goal as a network marketer is to market
a low-cost, generic information product about network marketing. These are information
that anyone can use and it has the largest target market due to its low cost and high
demand. After all, everyone needs information.

A good affiliate program will pay you anywhere between 40% to 75% for marketing other
people’s info products. Even if your prospects do not sign up with you or buy your products,
you might as well make money by diverting your leads or traffic there.
At the end of the day, you can make good money by driving search engine traffic, forum
traffic, Facebook or MySpace traffic and even bring people to your blog by marketing affiliate
products for cash flow to keep your business afloat. Who knows, those customers might even
turn into your downlines some day.

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Put Your Personality In Your Home Business Website And See It Grow!

The number of business websites present on the Internet is so huge that it is
almost a denial to believe that your website will become successful despite
the immense competition. Every website is selling something or the other and
is following almost common strategies to woo customers. They are trying the
known and tested methods of increasing the volume of traffic to their websites,
which helps them to increase the number of sales that they get. And if a website
does not get good traffic, it becomes another one that bites the dust.
This is the uniform pattern of online businesses today and you can do little to stay
away from the loop. But there is also the curse of uniformity to contend with. If your
website looks identical to almost all the other websites on the Internet, there is
nothing special you are offering for which a customer should stay with you.

So what can you do differently? The answer is right in the title. It is your website
that you can make differently. Though the product you are selling might be similar
to what others are selling and even your promotional strategies might be the same,
if your website is unique, the chances of people sticking with you for a longer time
are greater. The best you could do is to make your website to be very much like you,
so that it becomes an identifiable entity with your brand, since your brand will definitely
carry your personality too.

For example, if you love the color blue, make your corporate logo in blue and use that
as your website background too. If you are fun-loving person, you will surely make a
website that is fun to visit too. If you are passionate about something, such as if you
have a particular hobby, you could make it a part of your website, weaving it interestingly
with the theme of your business. In this way, you could perk up your website with several
aspects from your own personality.

When you can relate with the website better, you will certainly be able to do more with it.
You will be able to promote it in a better manner and even interest your clients in a better
way. If you have a home business, you will have full control over your website and you can
put your own personality into it to whatever extent you choose. Your home business website
should just be an extension of yourself. Do that and see how it helps your home-based
business to grow beyond the limits that you expect.
How To Become An MLM Leader

Becoming a leader in your mlm opportunity should be one of
the first goals you set for yourself. You see in order to be
successful in this industry you must be able to lead yourself
first & then others. You are starting something totally new &
therefore are going to have to do things that are going to be

Once you can get pass this & start having success then you
will be ready to learn how to lead others. As others begin to
see that you are achieving success they will be willing to
follow you since it seems like you know what you are doing.

When you're at work, do you get baffled as things don't seem to be
going the way they’re supposed to be You see individuals milling
about but zip gets achieved. And in the daily ado and bustle, do
you feel that your goals stay just that – goals. Then perhaps its
time for you to stand up and do something about it.

Most individuals are content merely to stand around hearing orders.
And it isn't strange to assume a follow-the-leader mind-set.
But perhaps, someplace inside of you, you feel the want to make
matters happen – to be the brain, not the tail. Then perhaps leading
just suits you fine.

A few individuals believe that great MLM leaders are born
not made. Sure, it might be true that a few individuals are born
with innate talents. But, without practice, without drive, without
exuberance, and without experience, there may be no true
evolution in leadership.

You must likewise remember that great MLM leaders are
continually working and analyzing to better their natural skills.
This takes an allegiance to perpetually improve in whatever
endeavor an individual selects.

First off, let's specify leadership. To be a leader, one must be able
to shape others to achieve a goal, or an objective. He adds to the
organization and cohesiveness of a group. Unlike what most
individuals believe, leadership isn't about might. It is not about
hassling individuals or driving them utilizing fear. It's about
encouraging other people toward the goal of the organization.
It's putting everybody on the same page and helping them view the
big picture of the organization. You have to be a leader not a chief.

Firstly, you have to get individuals to follow you. How is this achieved?

You yourself must understand the vision of the organization. Bearing
a clear sense of pecking order, knowing who the upline is, who to talk
to, the organization's goals and aims, and how the organization works
is the sole way to show other people you know what you're doing.
Being a MLM leader isn't about what you make other people do. It's
about who you are, what you know, and what you do. You are a
manifestation of what you're underlings must be.

The way you deal with your individuals, and the relationships you
establish will lay the foundation for the effectiveness of your group.
The stronger your relationship, the firmer their trust and confidence
is in your capabilities. When you have their trust and confidence, you
pass on the goals and objectives to attempt.

Leaders are not do-it-all heroes. You shouldn't claim to know everything,
and you shouldn't bank upon your talent alone.

Remember being a leader takes a great deal of work and time. It isn't
acquired overnight. Remember, likewise, that it isn't about just you. It's
about you and the individuals around you.

If you are ready to become the leader that you know you are then I have
something special for you. You are invited  to a free webinar that could
literally turn you into a lethal prospecting, recruiting, sponsoring machine.
Go to http://lorenzorothery.bestsponsoringsecrets.com
How Many Have You Helped Today?

Tell me something, how many of you know someone who
says they want to help others, as their mission in life. Not don't
get me wrong I think that those that can should help those that
need it, becasue it's the right thing to do.

To me helping others is your way of giving back & making
the world a better place while you are here. It is part of the
fundemantel teachings of the Bible & books on success.

Great books like Think & Grow Rich, The Science of
Getting Rich, Conversations With Millionaires, & a host of
other ones that I have studied over the years. I have read
about it so much that it is a part of me that I have to let
out in some way.

Mike Litman is the author of Conversations With Millionaires
& for some reason his chapter on this topic has stayed with me
the most. I guess it is because I felt the same way he did before
he made the dramtic realizaation he reveal in the book.

If you have not read it you really should. It tells how he
went from not knowing what he wanted to do in life  to
becoming a successful businessman & coach to thousands.
It went something like this. He like many of us always felt the
urge to help those in need or charities that he felt a
close connection to.

Only thing is that he could not do it in a big enough way to
experience the feeling that he had made a difference. Giving
small sums of money helps but its just not the same as when
you give huge amounts. That is what he wanted to do & I, as
you can relate to that, right?

It finally dawned on him that he could not helps others the
way he wanted to until he helped himself. He had to get
in a better poisition so that he could actually do more for the
cause he was trying to help.

In other words as Wallace D. Wattles says in The Science of
Getting Rich, "we are to do our best to make the most of
ourselves" & we need things in order to do that. However,
you can not have things unless you are able to buy them & it
takes money to do that.

The other book I mentioned, Think & Grow Rich teaches us
that if you find a need (a problem) & fill it (provide the solution),
you shall get rich. Look around you & I am sure you can see
many problemss that need solutions. You only have to
provide for one to have a rewarding & fullfilling life.

So, I have decided to put this into pracatice as the desire
to make a difference is burning inside of me now. How
about you.