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I know it’s Monday and that your time
is at a premium thanks to all of the
Holiday preparations…

If there was a better time to send this,
I would… But it’s simply too important…

Over the past week, I’ve sent you a
few emails about a project that my
friend Mike Dillard created last year
that I’m very passionate about called
The Elevation Group…

Basically, he’s been showing the
Middle Class how to turn these times
of economic hardship into massive
financial opportunity, but…

We’ve been holding out on you…

There is an infinitely bigger agenda
behind this project that I’ve known
about for a few weeks…

One that will affect you, your children,
and millions of people around the
world in the coming years…

If you are fed up with the corruption
on Wall Street and in Washington,
then you will jump for joy when you
see this…

They are literally going to change
 the world, which is why I’ve been
 so passionate about sharing this
 message with you…

Today I finally get to share that plan
with you, and ask you for your help…

Please take a moment to watch this
video with your significant other
tonight... (Especially if you have,
or plan to have children).

The video will be released at 9:00pm EST
at the link below. Go before that time & watch
video 1 & 2.

Have an IRA or 401k? Read this...

Well, tell me, how many of you went and watched
that video I told you about in my last post?

You know if you didn't then you are the one that is
going to mix out on changing your financial future
within the next year. all becasue you did not take

I don't know about you but my 401k has lost money
this year & the year before. it makes me wonder if it
is still worth funding it because if that keeps up I will
not have anything much when I retire. I am not saving
it to lose it before I get a chance to enjoy it.

Look  I know it’s Sunday aand it’s getting close to the
Holiday’s, but if you have money in an IRA, 401K, or the
stock market, you need to watch this video TODAY.
Have your spouse join you because they’ll want to see this too.

There’s no sales pitch. It’s just pure content from a
multi-millionaire friend of mine who’s trying to save the
middle class… (According to him, you have about
3-9 months left before you’re too late).

7 Steps to Predict Your Financial Future

Ok… this is one of the coolest “projects”
I’ve ever seen…

It’s pretty obvious that the big-shot bankers
on Wall Street have been getting richer and
richer during this economic crisis, while your
friends and family members haven’t.

(who made his first million by the age of 26),
and he’s basically started a “movement”,
Well this really ticked-off my friend Mike Dillard,
in order to even the score and allow the rest
of us to profit from the current economic chaos
just like they are.                

Despite the fact that he’s not an investor, trader,
or financial guru of any kind, he’s made a
300%+ return since 2008, while the rest of the world
has lost 30-40% of their portfolio.


Get this… He found a “map” back in 2007 that’s
allowed him to basically predict the financial future.

Like I said… VERY COOL… (And yes, it’s the real deal).

Anyway, he recorded a three-part, “Year-In-Review”,
video series this month showing how he’s managed
to discover and use these little-known investment
strategies, and has decided to share it with the
public over the next few days.

I just finished watching Part I here about his economic
predictions for 2012, and it’s a MUST WATCH.


I’d have to say my favorite part about his strategie
is that you don’t need to be a trader, and you
don’t need to be rolling in money. All you need is
 the desire to learn how the rich are getting richer
'these days, so you can too…

You can watch all three videos along with me this
 week by clicking here to go to his site…


Help Your Prospects Get a Tax Break

This is last minute I know but I had to get it out to you all. You will
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4 Important Points To Build A List Of Home Business Prospects

Online marketing is on a rise over the years and those who know about it can feel that the rise has taken place a long time ago. The demand for new marketing skills and knowledge for online marketing is also in the hot seat now that a new medium for online marketing is building up its reputation. More strategies are being revealed and many more are being developed to cope with the ever changing online marketing business around the world.

People are looking for more online marketing tips and strategies as they are building a new business platform to gain more profits. This also allows the growth of a new career in internet marketing strategies. If you have noticed that there are many companies that are willing to help you build your site and clientele for a fee but the truth is that there are many other ways for you to spread your business existence while at the same time you don’t have to spend a dime. The most easiest and popular way is the opt-in email marketing.

Opt-in marketing is a strategy to get the permission of customers to give you their email addresses so you can send marketing tips and strategies to their inbox. You can send the materials through the form of newsletters, catalogues and even promotional mailing. The more email addresses you can get, the more newsletters you can send out and this is sure to boost your business.
When you get a list of email addresses, it means that you have targeted audience to promote your business. This is because they are interested in your business so you can take the next step from there by emailing them the tips and strategies as you have written. Over the time, when they are getting comfortable with what you have to offer, they might just purchase from you and your money is flowing in.

To build an effective email list is not difficult if you are patient and learn the strategies of online marketing. I am 100% sure having an email list will be able to bring your business to a higher level. You must put in the effort to expand your business or else you are not able to achieve a higher level in your business. By putting in all your effort, you will be able to increase traffic, generate more sales and earn more profits.

There are four very important steps for you to build a good email list.

1. You need to have a good lead capture website to attract your potential customers. By means of good website is to have a user friendly web form for your potential customers to fill in. You must also provide some benefits as to why they must give you their email address in exchange for your information.

If there is something they don’t like, they might give up signing in. It is actually easy to write about why they should sign up to get more information from you. Provide some details about what you are offering and how it can benefit the potential customers in long run. Then, you will be able to attract them to sign up and you will soon have a long list of email addresses.

2. This has been mentioned before but I will need to emphasize on this point again. Make sure you have an impressive homepage. Apart from having well written articles, you need to make sure that your site is user friendly, meaning easy to use. This is because not everyone that visits your site is tech savvy. Make sure your homepage has everything you need to inform the people who visit your sites while at the same time trying to reduce the size of the page. If you have a heavy homepage, it will takes a long time for the page to load. The faster the page can load, the better it will be.

3. It is also important to have excellent products and services to offer. If you want to attract returning customers, you must maintain a high quality customer service. Perhaps the returning customers will recommend more friends to purchase from you. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in the world for marketing. The more people know about you, the better it is for your business.

4. When you have the list of email addresses, be sure to keep it private as your potential customers have entrusted you. If they get spammed, you are likely to stay out of business. Good reputation is very important to build a successful business and to have customer’s loyalty.  

If you are looking for a system that can help you with building your list of hot prospects, I may have the solution you are looking for. It can help you to solve three of the biggest problems most network marketers face. For a 14 day trial, Go to http://lorenzorothery.mlmleadsystempro.com Sign up for the trial offer & I will show you how you can solve those problems in building your business. Send me an email to lorenzorothery@gmail.com so, I can get that information to you.
4 Qualities You Would Need to Run a Successful Home Business

Setting up a home business is what most people are doing today. However, in order to be successful in this kind of a venture, there are certain things that will be important to you. Here is a list of the four most essential qualities you would need to set up your own home business.

Willingness to Learn

Your home business is going to be your own baby. You are going to be the boss of the whole thing. Now, you couldn’t manage that well if you didn’t know everything there was to such businesses. Whatever opportunity you are looking at pursuing, make sure that you know the ins and outs of it.
Not just that, but you have to also keep learning, incorporating new things into your knowledge bank all the time.


Since you will be working all by yourself, and will be your own boss, you will need to inculcate values of self-discipline within yourself. Most people deliver better when they work under someone else but become complacent when they are left to their own resources. Do not let that happen to you. Your entire venture depends on how diligently you can focus on your work.

Strategizing and Planning

With your own business, you are the one who has to plan and strategize everything. Some of the most important things that will require your strategizing skills is how much work you will take up, how you will go about procuring that, how you will get the work fulfilled, how you will pay your employees if any, how you will invest your funds, etc. You are running the show yourself, so it becomes very much necessary for you to think about every aspect of your business. If you aren’t good at something, like accounting for example, there’s always the outsourcing option, but that opens up a whole new area of strategizing and planning.


Another important quality that a person running a home business venture must have is that they must be quick decision makers. There will always be options in front of you and you will have to choose the most optimal one. In most cases, if you wait too long in deciding, you could lose out lucrative opportunities. People with wavering minds do not usually strike it big by themselves. For being a self-made individual, it is important that you take determined decisions at every step of the way, and we are not just talking about professional decisions here.

In conclusion, there are many things to considered when starting your own business but if you take these 4 & apply them you should be off to a good start. If you need some help with any of these qualities then send me an email to lorenzorothery@gmail.com telling me what your issue is & I will send a reply as to how you can take care of it.
Mompreneurs: How to Balance Your Working and Family Time

Time is a very limited asset that you have so,  make the most of it. Once it is gone there is no getting it back. If you don't believe me, ask Steve Jobs. He did so much & had more to do but his time was cut short. Think about it, this could have happend to any of us.

As a mompreneur you have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. You have decided to run your own business and be a parent. It doesn’t get any more wonderful, and challenging, than that! All of those responsibilities means that finding a balance is essential. A balanced life helps you continue to have it all and gives you the time you need to enjoy the life you’ve designed. Here are some tips, strategies and ideas to balance your working and family time.

#1 Schedule time for everything. It may sound extreme. However, scheduling time to work and time to play really does help you find the balance that’s right for you. Scheduling your life forces you to look at your priorities and make sure you find time for them.

For example, you may decide that working from six am to noon every day works best for you. Then you have from noon until bedtime to focus on your mom responsibilities. Alternatively, you may decide that working two ten-hour days a week works best for you and then taking the other five days to focus on your mom responsibilities. There’s no right or wrong schedule here. A balanced life is defined by you.

#2 Prioritize. This is important for both your business and your personal life. There’s always more to do in every area of your life. Take the time to prioritize both. For example, for your business your priorities are likely your income-producing activities. If you’re a service professional, then the time you spend working with clients is a high priority. If you’re in affiliate or information marketing, then planning and creating content is what brings in the money.

On the personal side, spending time with your partner each week is a priority - as is spending quality time with your children. However, cleaning the house may not be a high priority.

#3 Get help. Once you know where your priorities are you’ll most certainly notice that there are tasks and responsibilities that are not on that list. For example, the house cleaning or your bookkeeping. These are tasks that get pushed to the back of the list. These are also tasks that you can get help with. For example, you can outsource the housecleaning or bookkeeping to a professional.

Make sure that when you outsource a task you fill the available time created with a high priority task. For example, if you outsource your bookkeeping perhaps that frees up three hours of your time each month. Make sure you use that time to work on income-producing activities. The goal is to earn more money than you’re spending on outsourcing.

Finally, learn to recognize when your life feels out of balance. There’s no formula that can tell you. It’s up to you to know when things are askew. This is where regular planning sessions and quiet time alone can help. You can perform an honest analysis of your life and where it is going and make any changes necessary. This is your life. You’re in control!
How to Design an Effective "About Us" Page

On the internet it is really important for people to know who
you are & what you are about. They are checking you out just
as they would offline so you have to be putting your best foot

Your website’s "About Me" or "About Us" page is often one
of the highest ranking pages on a website. It’s important for
many reasons. You want it to help brand your business. You
want it to establish credibility and liking. And, you also want
it to motivate an action. Here’s how to design and effective
"About Us" page.

Step One: Embrace Your Unique Voice

Your "About Us" page isn’t the place to get cutesy or
ultra-creative. However, it is the place to share your personality
and voice. Share what it is about you that is unique and why
you’re passionate about your niche and customers.

Step Two: A Picture

A picture is necessary here. Some people skip it but consider
testing your page with and without a picture. People want to
connect a face to your business. If there are more of you, say
you’re a team or a partnership, then include pictures of everyone.

Step Three: Logical Organization
Organize your "About Me" or "About Us" page into logical sections.
It’ll make it easier for you to write and it’ll be easier for your
audience to read and digest. For example, some categories or
sub-headings might include:

* About the Company
* Vision
* Mission
* Our History
* About Me/Who Is Joe/Jane Doe?
* Why Me/Why Us?

Step Four: A Call to Action

What do you want people to do after they’ve read your
"About Us" page? Always have a purpose and a call to
action that supports your purpose on every web page,
including this one. Common calls to action include:

* Download our free report
* Contact us
* Get a free quote
* Take advantage of ...
* Share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

When creating your "About Us" page, sit down and
create a rough draft first. Outline the things you want
to share and the things you think your prospects want
to know. Don’t be afraid to brag here. In most cases
you don’t want to list a complete work history, but
you do want to highlight your achievements.

Consider also including a few short testimonials or
endorsements if they support your achievements.
For example, if you say that your ebook has sold
more than 5000 copies, then you can include a short
review from a notable industry person after that claim.
Also take the time to optimize it for the search engines.
Use your primary keywords in the description and also
make sure they naturally occur a few times in the copy.
Your "About Us" page is important. Don’t skip it.
9 Tactics to Create Strong Customer Relationships

If you want your online or offline business to really be a success do all you can to grow 
your customer relationships. It is amazing how many business owners overlook this
simple point.

Online users are always searching for something of value to them. Whether it’s information, products, or services, they are looking for an answer to a question or a problem. Online marketing tactics are especially important with the increase in competition across the world wide web.
One of the most important aspects of building an online business is to create a business that values and appreciates customers and potential customers. This means marketing tactics that build a strong, trusting relationship with customers are important. Building trust starts with the first encounter with your website and continues with every single subsequent interaction.
According to Nobel Prize-winning scientist Daniel Kahneman, we experience approximately 20,000 moments each and every day. A moment is the few seconds it takes for the brain to evaluate and record an experience. These experiences can be either positive or negative and your website, headlines, content, or responses can make a huge difference in how people record the experience – and their reaction also determines what people do next.
When people visit your site, they quickly scan the headline to see if they want to read more. They continue reading if they are engaged and intrigued and they want to learn more about what you have to say. This is a great place to start building a relationship with customers. Be sure that you say what you have to offer and do not make false promises or you’ll lose customers quickly.
It’s important to build this connection with customers and website visitors to gain their commitment and loyalty. They will also become tremendous assets as their trust grows and they promote and advertise your website to their friends, colleagues, and social network.
Relationship marketing is a valuable marketing tactic for online entrepreneurs. It has been an important part of sales in the off-line world for decades and now it has found its way to the Internet.
But building a relationship online is different than having a face-to-face discussion and opportunity to persuade potential customers to make a purchase.
Some of the most effective tips and methods deployed to begin building a positive relationship include:
1.      Make every customer interaction count.
2.      Follow-through on commitments and claims about products or services.
3.      Offer benefits and product value that responds to the customer’s desires.
4.      Treat customers as individuals who are respected and valued.
5.      Listen to customers – even complaints can be a gift if handled properly and quickly.
6.      Be available and accessible when customers have questions, concerns, or comments.
7.      Surround your customers with valuable information by using emails, website content, social media, and other methods of outreach – but do not be invasive.
8.      Make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate for new and existing customers.
9.      Create a blog about your business where discussion is more casual and inviting.
Relationship-marketing is not just a fad. It’s here to stay and people want to know that they are valued and appreciated as an individual. Creating long-lasting relationships helps to ensure long-lasting customers and repeat sales. It also encourages existing customers to refer their colleagues, friends, and others to your website.
Don’t take a single customer for granted. Each and every interaction with a customer is a gift and should be valued.

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How Instant Commissions Help Your Cash Flow

One of the biggest problems people wanting to make money in network
marketing is not having enough money to market with. You need some
type of marketing budget in order to get your presentation in front of
alot of people. So, in order to have the funds to do your marketing you
willl need multiple ways to generate cashflow.

There are many ways for you to make money online as an affiliate and
the biggest problem any affiliate has is managing their cash flow. With
the wide variety of timescales affiliate programs payout on, it can be
very difficult to manage your cash, even if you are managing to meet
the minimum payout levels!

Amazon, for example, pays you 60 days after the end of the month you
made the sale in, which can meet waiting for almost 3 months for your
money, and that is if you reach your payout threshold. Many other
programs also pay out 90 days after the sale. Clickbank will pay you
every two weeks, but again, you have to meet the payment threshold.

Being able to manage your cash flow is very important for an affiliate,
particularly if you are spending money on advertising. If you are paying
for advertising in advance (as is often the case) or monthly, then you
don't want to be waiting 3 months for the results of that advertising to
hit your bank account. It can result in some very negative cash flow
and major issues!

One of the best ways for you to manage your cash flow is through what
we call "Instant Commissions". These are products sold through a product
such as Rapid Action Profits (RAP) which pay commission instantly to
the affiliate through their paypal account.

These programs work by alternating payment between the merchant
(the product owner) and the affiliate depending upon the commission
rate. For example, if the commission rate is 50% then the first payment
goes to the product owner (this is to prevent people buying through their
own affiliate link) and then the affiliate gets 100% of the second sale. And
 future sales alternate between the product owner and the affiliate.

If the commission rate is say 75% that means the first payment goes to the
product owner and the next affiliate gets 100% of the next three sales before
the product owner gets another payment. Basically, the product owner gets
1 out of every 4 sales with the other 3 going to the affiliate.

Instant commissions are great for affiliates because it is instant money in
your account. You make a sale and you get the money. 100% commission
products are even better because of the amount you earn on the front end.
These products are excellent for your cash flow because you have instant
money coming in to your account.

If you are an affiliate and looking at managing your cash flow better than
instant commission products are the answer to your problems. For a
powerful resource that shows you how to generate cashflow, then I highly
recommend you check out this site http://bit.ly/o7p8GJ.

After you have made your purchase send me a copy of your receipt & I
will send you a secret that tells the difference between full-time & part-time
network marketers. This will change how you think about doing your
business from now on.
Are You Profiting From Social Media?

Don Crowther is about to do 2 FULL DAYS (Over 12+ HOURS) of free content and
the first (and possibly last)  Social Profit Formula Livecast (Monday and Wednesday
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...ALL big name "guru" guys who are crushing it with. BUT, the SPF Livecast is also
going to Showcase TONS ofReal-Life case-studies from people just like you and me.

....And they are quietly (some not so quietly) crushing it with

Social Media in their niches and by becoming Social Media Consultants (Module 8
is where she learned that)


AND of course, it's LIVE Streaming video and they will be taking YOUR questions,
and responding to YOUR feedback LIVE as they go.

Just put it on in the background if you can't pay attention for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT,
lol. ¬You're bound to learn SOMETHING, even if it's just to see HOW they're
trying to pull this insanity off.


I'll be on there myself as much as I can, check it out for the full schedule, dates,
times, and all the juicy details.

See you at the the LiveCast!


P.S. HINT: After seeing the insanity that Andy Jenkins just pulled off and all the Rave
Reviews and Content packed Livecast I know that Don is going to pull out all the stops
to top what Andy just did...
3 Principals to Build Your Network

I am looking for people who are looking for me.
Joe Schreoder

If you help enoough people get what they want, you will be able to get what you want.
Zig Zigler

You can't help someone else until you help yourself.
Mike Litman

Read, study, repeat & apply them.
Journey To Freedom

As we enter into the 4th of July weekend I always consider this time to prepare for the
next phase of my Journey to Freedom. We all having something we need to be free
from but we just do not always go after it like we should. I mean real FREEDOM.

Some of the freedoms that are most often wanted are financial,health,time relationship,
mental, & spiritual. More than likely you want more than one of these in your life & it
is hard to work on them all at once.

Who doesn't want to be financially free so that you do not have to worry about money
issueslike paying the bills,buying food or medicine. How about being healthy so you
do not have to be on medication and can enjoy life as you see fit. Have all the time
you want to do what is important to you is what time freedom is to me. Be able to put
in the effort to have meaningful &rewarding relationships with family & friends. Have
a clear state of mind & the confiendce toaccomplish anything you set out to do. Last
but not least have your spiritual well being in tactso that you can serve your fellow
man in a way to be a blessing to him or her.

My friend it can be done & you can have it if you want it bad enough. I have made
up in my mind that it is time that I get it myself. In all areas of my life because I have
experinces in all those  areas just as you do. You have to go for it yourself because no
one is going to give it to you.

Take the time this weekend & think about what you want freedom from & then make
a plan to make it happen. Then throw yourself into making that plan work until you
get the freedom you are looking for.

If you are interested in  joining a mastermind group to work on your Freedom journey
contact meso we can get one started. You can contact me at lorenzorothery@gmail.com and tell me what you want to be free from.
New Course on Lead Generating

As you know lead generating is the lifeblood of any business. No matter what the business is or what industry they are in. This is espcially true in online lead generating & it is getting harder to get them.

Well, one of my trusted sources has created a course that will teach you how to setup a system that will provide you the leads you need no matter how other methods are letting you down on a daily basis.

 This video ...


It won't be up much longer. Remember only, 151 people, will be granted access, and
at the pace we're moving right now ... Let's just say, don't be surprised if you head over
the page and it's not there anymore.

Check now:


To the top,
Lorenzo Rothery

P.S. If you missed this morning's original
announcement message I've attached it
below for your review:
Juggling Online Marketing AND A Day Job?

Frustrated with the painfully slow progress you're
making trying to build a reliable income online?
It just seems like no matter what I do nothing is


Overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do
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Or are you just plain exhausted... from trying to
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Well today can lead to all of this changing for
you in a very short period of time, which starts
right away...

When you meet "the guru to the Internet business

His experience of helping thousands of
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The fact is, 95% of businesses started online are
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And MUCH more!

So grab your spot now for the FREE Accelerated
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Lorenzo Rothery

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Title: How To Get More Done In Your Home Business

I used to think that I could put things off because I would have the time later to them. Do you every get that same feeling or still think like that? It is a hard habit to break but in order to be successful in your business, it has to be broken.

Have you noticed that as you let tasks go undone the more they add up. As they add up you get further behind and this will drain your momentum. This will slow your money making processes which will stop your cahflow. So, time management is a critical skill to learn as you are bi\uilding your home based

Time management is essentially about being centered. The Pareto Principle a.k.a. the '8020 Rule' states that eighty% of efforts that are not time managed or unfocused renders only 20% of the hoped output. But, 80% of the wanted output may be returned utilizing only 20% of a well time managed cause. While the ratio '8020' is only arbitrary, it's utilized to put accent on how much is lost or how much may be acquired with time management.

A few individuals view time management as a list of rules that calls for scheduling of appointments, goal setting, thorough planning, producing things to do lists and prioritizing. These are the center basics of time management that should be realized to develop an effective personal time management skill. These common skills may be polished further to include the finer points of each skill that may give you that additional reserve to produce the results you want.

But there are more skills involved in time management than the center basics. Skills like decision making, innate abilities such emotional intelligence and critical thinking are likewise all-important to your personal growth.

Personal time management involves everything you perform. Regardless how big and regardless how little, everything counts. Each new thing you gain, each fresh advice you consider, each fresh skill you develop should be taken into consideration.

Having an equilibrated life style should be the key result in having personal time management. This is the chief aspect that many practitioners of personal time management neglect to grasp.

Personal time management shouldn't be so frightening a task. It's a really sensible and reasonable plan of attack in solving troubles big or small.

A capital way of learning time management and bettering your personal life is to follow several basic actions. Among them is to review your goals whether it be straightaway or long-run goals often.

Always decide which task is essential or not essential in accomplishing your goals and which activities are helping you preserve a balanced life-style.

Each and every one of us has a peek time and a time when we relax, these are our natural cycles. We should be able to tell when to do the hard tasks when we're the sharpest.

As the state personal time management is the art and science of building a more beneficial life.

From the instant you integrate into your life time management skills, you have opened a lot of options that may provide a broad spectrum of solutions to your personal growth. It likewise produces more doors for opportunities to knock on.
I want you to start having success as fast as possible. So, from time to time I will be posting articles from others who I know will add value to your business building ability. These are people that I respect & trust because they have done what they are talking about.

"Want Prospects To Call You Out Of The Blue?"
 By Daegan Smith

It's not a dream, it's very possible and very real.

Just this morning my phone rang and it was Jason, an entrepreneur who had
actually beaten me on loosing money.

In 3 short months he managed to spend $9,000. It took me 7 months, and he was
in drastic need of help.

We spoke and I told him exactly what I would do in his situation, but the magic
here is how he found me.

I didn't do a thing and I didn't pay a dime, and neither will you, the phone
just rang and there he was.

If you want your phone to just ring with prospects who want help from you, you'll
learn exactly how to do just that here ...


To the top,

Lorenzo Rothery
How To Achieve Network Marketing Success

If you are in network marketing and you want to achieve success, you must be prepared to do whatever it takes. Simply doing your best just isn’t enough (there is a subtle difference between doing your best and doing whatever it takes) – you can be as motivated as you want but if you don’t do what is necessary for success in network marketing, then you are just wasting your time.

For starters, you must understand that network marketing is a business that requires sales. This may come as a paradigm shock because most network marketing reps are told that no sales are required. Unfortunately the no sales sharing is merely a myth. Everyone who is born in this world is a born salesman. They cry as a baby to get their parents to do something. When they are young they will act tearfully to manipulate their parent’s emotions when they want a certain toy.

Even in dating, you ‘sell’ yourself to the other party so they may be more attracted to you! You sell yourself when you go for a job interview. People even sell an idea to their friends and relatives when they convince them to watch movies with them! So who says we are not born salesmen?

If you want to get ahead in network marketing, mastering the sales process is essential so you must be prepared to sell the correct way.

Network marketing is a selling business from the start to the finish. It is also a business that involves teaching but it is the selling process that gets things moving.

Firstly, you need to have a viable product in order to get people to buy your product. If your product has a killer angle or concept that people will buy, you will have fewer problems moving products through your network.

Once you have sold people on the idea that the product works, you must sell them the business. But don’t sell the business like a sleazy sales person. You must be wary about your posture. The network marketing industry has gained quite a stigma due to high pressure selling and ‘strong-arming’. You do not need to twist someone’s arm to make them a business partner.

You have to painted a clear picture of the proper posture of a network marketing rep – the ball is on your court. You must brand yourself as a money making expert. Remember – people join YOU and not just your network marketing company. You are the decisive factor in the business.

Once they are ‘in’, you will need to sell them the idea that they can ‘sell’ this business to other people. Your business will not grow if you don’t know how to duplicate your success. This is where you train and build leaders in your organization. The right kind of sales psychology will turn your team into a sales powerhouse and the organization will grow once they become motivated enough and they achieve the results.
It's the end of the first quarter how's your New Year's Resolution list coming long?

Have you been checking off things on your list?

Before the second quarter gets under way, I wanted to provide you with a simple, yet highly effective questioning process for evaluating your current performance and associated results.

Let's get started...by answering these four questions:

1. Concerning my year to date performance, how am I doing? Am I achieving the goals I set at the beginning of the year?

2. If I continue along with my current strategies and performance, how will I be doing at the end of the second quarter?

3. What am I going to do starting today to get myself back on target?

4. What new strategies and habits must I implement in order to improve my performance?

The reality is that at this very moment, you are in one of these three positions - above, on or below target.

Right now is the best time to review, reflect and if necessary, correct your performance before too much time and distance gets away.

If you are pleased with your performance year to date, stop right here and continue to put your foot on the gas pedal.

If however, you are below target and not satisfied with your current results, than your need to do something different and you need to do it now.

The fact is, your current plan and actions are not working, and if you want different results, you must engage in different actions.

And I'd like to show you how.

A good friend of mine has put together an easy-to-follow system that walks you through the entire process of evaluating your performance and designing your ideal life.

It's a whole different way of going after what you want with one big difference...IT WORKS!

And, for a limited-time, he's offering the complete system at a hefty discount to our members. So grab it while you can.

Click Here --> http://bit.ly/hBktDr


Lorenzo Rothery

P.S. Be sure to watch the entire video on top of the page as it does a brilliant job of explaining the entire process and how you can gain immediate control of your future.

Click Here --> http://bit.ly/hBktDr
What Are Your Excuses?

I bet when you started your network marketing or home based business you had big dreams of gettiing rich and having all the time freedom you wanted, right? Hey do not feel bad that was part of my plans also and come to think of it, it still is.

However, when things do not happen as fast as you want, you start to lose interest & then stop doiing things to get your business up and running. If you do that then you will be out of business before you have even begun.

Most of the time it is because you lack the education or training to do the business. It is not your fault, it is you got full of excitment before you knew what was needed to be successful.

Well this post is to inform you of a training event that will provide the training you need so that you will start to experince some of the success that you are searching for. I believe that education and training are key to getting anything you want out of life. And having your own business is the way for you to get or do anything you want. It will provide the means to do it.

Go register for a free webinar that will be a Q & A session with the spreakers of this upcoming event. If you want to learn what it takes to become successful in network marketing then this is for you. Check it out http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=1319765 and webinar access www2.gotomeeting.com/register/264828003

Building your networks is your primary job because they will be your biggest asset.

You will build multiple networks because you have multiple relationships that function in different ways.

Spend plenty of time networking because that is how you are going to build your networks