End of the Second Quarter

I do not know about you but it seems as if times spends up every year that goes by.
We where just beginning the new year and all ready we are 30 days from half of
it being over.

If you are like most people, myself included you haven't reach many or any of your
goals, resolutions or intentions. Well you know what they say; if you keep doing what
you have always done, you will keeping getting what you have always got.

Let's change that once & for all.

I challenge you to spend the month of June deciding on what you want to accomplish
by the end of the year. Then create the plans to get it done. Next implement the plans
that you have created. Meaning take ACTION.  You have to change in order to get
different results. Review your results and adjust your steps in order to keep moving

Who is up for the challenge? I will be doing it myself and posting about it here.
To see what I am doing and how it is going connect with me on facebook to be
informed of when I make a new post.