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 Why Reading Books Is Very Important For Your Network Marketing Business

When you begin a network marketing business personal development becomes
very crucial but occasionally that importance isn't realized until several months
have elapsed. You might spend those first few months centering only on learning
the business and product. Or you may think that by attending company conference
calls and industry presentations that you're gaining personal development. Most of
the time this isn't the case. Reading books is very important for your network
marketing business.

Reading will help in speeding up the time you develop the skills needed to do
the business. Most people that get started in network marketing do not have a
clue as to running a business and that gets in their way of being successful.
It also will aid your sponsor in working with you because they will see that you
are serious about the business. This will not tie them up teaching you things
you can learn on your own and they can help you correct the problems
you may have.

Many successful entrepreneurs will state work more on yourself than you do your
network marketing business. What does this entail There are many ways to
acquire personal development. Books, videodiscs, Cd's, online classes, and
seminars are just some that you can use for your business. A new exercise program,
dietary research, and personal hygiene can be applied for physical personal
development. You might go even further and decide to work on your spiritual
evolution. But many will tell you that reading books on the subject is best as it
stimulates the mind.

Let's take a closer view of using reading for your personal development for
your business. You might prefer to sit down and write down your failings
pertaining to you business as well as your strengths and then systematically
start producing situations where you're making both stronger. Failings are
important to improve upon, but strong points are going to carry you so bettering
your strengths is just as crucial. There are many books available to show you how.

Pick some mentors to forge yourself after. Each business that you're in will have
numerous mentors available to you whether they're in your business or in your
industry. Surrounding yourself with these leaders will make you get stronger, more
positive, and centered in your business. Your most significant mentors can be
people that you have never even met. They are leaders whose books you read
and learn to create greatness within yourself.

Read a book on goal setting and set goals for yourself on a daily basis. Personal
development should be 20 percent of your every day activities. Decide what you're
going to be doing and stick by it. Start small and work up to where you want to be.
Recognize that everything that you read, see and hear may not be for you but take
the central elements that are and apply them to your business and your life.

Make certain that the business that you choose has a way arranged for you to gain
personal development from within the business. Check to see if there are books
available for you to read. Many businesses offer books or calls from industry
personal development coaches, recommended sites for reading, or furnish
referrals for seminars to attend.

In business knowledge is king but shares the throne with personal development.
For success reading books is very important for your network marketing business.
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Fall Prospecting

Well, the summer is over the kids are back in school and it is nearly the
end of the year. You know what that means, fall and winter are on the way
as well as the holidays. So, that leads us into some prime opportunities
for building our network.

This article was going to be written to highlight one area for networking but two
others have come to mind as well. If you get out there and engage
the people you could potentially add hundreds or thousands to your friends
list. That could turn into enough business to get you going into the next year
and what a momentum booster that would be.

As mentioned above, school is back in full swing so what better place to start
networking then there. There will be new kids at the school as such new
parents to meet and connect with. Now I believe in relationship building and
what better place to do it than at school events.

There are Open House and PTO meetings to start off with. Then sporting
events to attend to. My son plays football and my daughter is on the volleyball
team. You can imagine how we are back and forth with them between practices
and games. That causes us to cross paths with alot of parents. Then there are
fundraisiers that seem to come around at the wrong time but we do what we can
to support our schools. What about the concerts and plays that are put on for

Another big event in my area of the South is the couny wide fall festivals. There
are sometimes two of three going on any given weekend. There is usually one
every weekend at least. Some are even put on by people from other countries
that are living in your communties. You get a chance to make some international
friends. Some are based on arts and crafts or cooking contest. Hey it is a way
to have fun and not have to travel far to do it.

Of course the biggest opportunity of this time of year is the holiday season.
You know, Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with everything thrown in between
them. Could your products or services be used as a gift for someone. How
about a chance to make a difference in someone's llife. To give back for
your blessings thru out the year. I bet they can if you just think about how.

Time to get busy planning, preparing,implementing, and developing those
relationships that you could add to your network. You have been provided
with not one or two but three ways to take advantage of the end of the year.
What are you going to do with it?

Would love to read about what you are going to do in your area so post
your comments below. Who knows you could provide someone the idea
they need to get out and do something,                  
Struggling Network Marketers Wanted

If you are just beginning or have been doing network marketing for a while but it has not paid off for you yet then you are who I am looking for.This does not mean that the experienced ones will not learn something also. We can all ways learn something different that may be a major breakthrough for our individual businesses.

The majority of the people in the industry have not had the chance to experience all that it promises and that is why I am calling those people It is time to end the struggle so that we can bring more into our businesses and help them reach their goals.

I was on a call with a mentor of mine who is starting up a big project and told prospective leaders that if they wanted to be involved she wanted to know their passion. What we are talking about here is if you could do anything that you wanted and would do it without having to be told or force to what would you do. Or who would you help.

It was very interesting to hearing what some of the people on the call told where their passions and you knew it was because you could hear in them. They made you feel what they where feeling  right then. Being an ongoing student of human nature it was easy to hear how real they where about  their passions. My problem is that I have so many and trying to work as many as I could into one group was causing me not to move to the next step.

However, when you  train with someone who has been where you are going and they are passionate about you succeeding clarity will come thru. Someone else on the call had a similar problem and Diane's answer was to focus on one group first and build it up. Once you know how to then you can do it with as many as you want. That along with the suggestion to make a list of all the words or markets that we are passionate about helped me to get clear on what group I wanted to focus on.

So, you may be wondering why I choose this group to focus on right? Well it is one that I had picked along time ago and was the reason for starting this blog in the first place. I have struggled in building my network marketing busy and did not want to end up as a failure. If so many others can do it, then so can you and I.

I love the network marketing industry for what it stands for and how it has the ability to hellp those that are willing to help themselves and others.It is about personal growth and self determination. Provides time and financial freedom that can not be achieved working a job.You get to have fun and travel as you do your business and who doesn't want that. Plus it gives you the opportunity to really do something Big in life so that when you leave planet Earth you will always be remembered. Your living will not have been in vain. 

You join your comapny with the exspectations of getting something out of it. In buiilding a business that would provide for you and your family in a way that no job could. Have you giving up on that dream all ready? I have had my for a long time and as Willey Jolley says "My Best Is Yet To Come" As I tell myseld now, Don't Give In, Don't Give Out, & Don't Give Up!!!!

If you are interested in learning about what we are doing and how we plan to help those who want it bad enough to do something about it, email me at and in the subject line put "Help I'm Struggling". Tell me what you are struggling with so that I can provide you a way for you to handle your problem.