How Instant Commissions Help Your Cash Flow

One of the biggest problems people wanting to make money in network
marketing is not having enough money to market with. You need some
type of marketing budget in order to get your presentation in front of
alot of people. So, in order to have the funds to do your marketing you
willl need multiple ways to generate cashflow.

There are many ways for you to make money online as an affiliate and
the biggest problem any affiliate has is managing their cash flow. With
the wide variety of timescales affiliate programs payout on, it can be
very difficult to manage your cash, even if you are managing to meet
the minimum payout levels!

Amazon, for example, pays you 60 days after the end of the month you
made the sale in, which can meet waiting for almost 3 months for your
money, and that is if you reach your payout threshold. Many other
programs also pay out 90 days after the sale. Clickbank will pay you
every two weeks, but again, you have to meet the payment threshold.

Being able to manage your cash flow is very important for an affiliate,
particularly if you are spending money on advertising. If you are paying
for advertising in advance (as is often the case) or monthly, then you
don't want to be waiting 3 months for the results of that advertising to
hit your bank account. It can result in some very negative cash flow
and major issues!

One of the best ways for you to manage your cash flow is through what
we call "Instant Commissions". These are products sold through a product
such as Rapid Action Profits (RAP) which pay commission instantly to
the affiliate through their paypal account.

These programs work by alternating payment between the merchant
(the product owner) and the affiliate depending upon the commission
rate. For example, if the commission rate is 50% then the first payment
goes to the product owner (this is to prevent people buying through their
own affiliate link) and then the affiliate gets 100% of the second sale. And
 future sales alternate between the product owner and the affiliate.

If the commission rate is say 75% that means the first payment goes to the
product owner and the next affiliate gets 100% of the next three sales before
the product owner gets another payment. Basically, the product owner gets
1 out of every 4 sales with the other 3 going to the affiliate.

Instant commissions are great for affiliates because it is instant money in
your account. You make a sale and you get the money. 100% commission
products are even better because of the amount you earn on the front end.
These products are excellent for your cash flow because you have instant
money coming in to your account.

If you are an affiliate and looking at managing your cash flow better than
instant commission products are the answer to your problems. For a
powerful resource that shows you how to generate cashflow, then I highly
recommend you check out this site

After you have made your purchase send me a copy of your receipt & I
will send you a secret that tells the difference between full-time & part-time
network marketers. This will change how you think about doing your
business from now on.
Are You Profiting From Social Media?

Don Crowther is about to do 2 FULL DAYS (Over 12+ HOURS) of free content and
the first (and possibly last)  Social Profit Formula Livecast (Monday and Wednesday
of this week) He told me that he is expecting thousands of people to be watching and interacting (Yes he is going to be interacting LIVE)

**Depending on when you are reading this he may be LIVE right Now**

Starting Monday, June 11th at 5pm Eastern until 11:30pm, he's got a whole TV crew
on his back deck. Guests I KNOW about:

Andy Jenkins
Mike Koenigs
Jeff Walker
Perry Marshall
Dan Hollings
Dan Thies
Leslie Rohde

...ALL big name "guru" guys who are crushing it with. BUT, the SPF Livecast is also
going to Showcase TONS ofReal-Life case-studies from people just like you and me.

....And they are quietly (some not so quietly) crushing it with

Social Media in their niches and by becoming Social Media Consultants (Module 8
is where she learned that)

AND of course, it's LIVE Streaming video and they will be taking YOUR questions,
and responding to YOUR feedback LIVE as they go.

Just put it on in the background if you can't pay attention for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT,
lol. ¬You're bound to learn SOMETHING, even if it's just to see HOW they're
trying to pull this insanity off.

I'll be on there myself as much as I can, check it out for the full schedule, dates,
times, and all the juicy details.

See you at the the LiveCast!


P.S. HINT: After seeing the insanity that Andy Jenkins just pulled off and all the Rave
Reviews and Content packed Livecast I know that Don is going to pull out all the stops
to top what Andy just did...
3 Principals to Build Your Network

I am looking for people who are looking for me.
Joe Schreoder

If you help enoough people get what they want, you will be able to get what you want.
Zig Zigler

You can't help someone else until you help yourself.
Mike Litman

Read, study, repeat & apply them.
Journey To Freedom

As we enter into the 4th of July weekend I always consider this time to prepare for the
next phase of my Journey to Freedom. We all having something we need to be free
from but we just do not always go after it like we should. I mean real FREEDOM.

Some of the freedoms that are most often wanted are financial,health,time relationship,
mental, & spiritual. More than likely you want more than one of these in your life & it
is hard to work on them all at once.

Who doesn't want to be financially free so that you do not have to worry about money
issueslike paying the bills,buying food or medicine. How about being healthy so you
do not have to be on medication and can enjoy life as you see fit. Have all the time
you want to do what is important to you is what time freedom is to me. Be able to put
in the effort to have meaningful &rewarding relationships with family & friends. Have
a clear state of mind & the confiendce toaccomplish anything you set out to do. Last
but not least have your spiritual well being in tactso that you can serve your fellow
man in a way to be a blessing to him or her.

My friend it can be done & you can have it if you want it bad enough. I have made
up in my mind that it is time that I get it myself. In all areas of my life because I have
experinces in all those  areas just as you do. You have to go for it yourself because no
one is going to give it to you.

Take the time this weekend & think about what you want freedom from & then make
a plan to make it happen. Then throw yourself into making that plan work until you
get the freedom you are looking for.

If you are interested in  joining a mastermind group to work on your Freedom journey
contact meso we can get one started. You can contact me at and tell me what you want to be free from.