Staying Motivated - How to Help Yourself

In the beginning you were likely gung-ho about starting your
own business. Maybe some of that fire is starting to flicker out.
So, how can you stay motivated?

It is the hardest thing next to getting into business in the first place.
When times get tough you may decide that you want to throw in the
towel. Before you make that decision, however, consider a few ways
that you can help yourself to regain your zest for running the business.

First, ask yourself a few questions:

* Why did you start the business in the first place? Don’t underestimate
the power of your memory. Were you working for someone else but
wanting to be your own boss? If you don’t want to return to that way of life,
then don’t give up when the chips are down.

* How are things looking for your competition? It could be that everyone is
having a slow season. Evaluate your growth compared to others in your
niche. There are two things that can motivate you to keep going here.

One - your competition is doing better than you are. A little friendly rivalry is
healthy. You can opt to step up your game and learn from whatever others
in your niche are doing to make financial gains where you are not.

Two - if your competition is in the same boat, you can rise above the
mediocrity to make your business a household name. Remember what you
started the business for. If you are going to make a living and reach your
goals, keep the big picture in mind.

* What are your goals? Each business has to remain focused in order to
move forward. Your goals set the path along which you will travel. But, if your
goals are non-existent or they aren't strong enough to support your business,
then it is time to re-evaluate and change them to become the appropriate
platform to help you gain success.

Now that you have asked yourself some questions, here are a few suggestions
to help you continue to push forward.

Get sage advice – Consult a trusted advisor or business coach. They can help
you to regain your focus and also set a new course for your business should you
need that. Choose someone who has found success in your niche as well as
experience in the areas of business you need help with.

Gain camaraderie on forums – Visit and become a participating part of niche
business forums. You can find out tips to help you move forward in your business.
Don’t neglect local business associations and their ability to help you.

Above all, cut yourself some slack. As long as you are committed to your business,
give yourself the space to grow.

What is Self Esteem

What is self esteem? It is merely an opinion of how you see yourself.
There are two types namely high self esteem and low self esteem and
between the two, it is better to have the first. This is because high
self-esteem enables you to love yourself for who you are while low self
esteem doesn’t make you grow as a person and make you successful. 

But where do you get self-esteem? Well as a child, you get it from your
parents. If they raised you right and praised you for your achievements,
chances are you will have a positive outlook of yourself and life. If
you happen to be raised by parents who are not very caring, well you won’t
see the positive qualities you have and will have an angry outlook at the world.

You can also get this from your friends and your peers because sometimes,
how we feel about ourselves is based on the perception of others. If you are
able to ignore the negative sentiment, you are fine because you don’t let
such words affect you.

In the end though, your self esteem comes from inside you. To figure that out,
you can ask yourself some simple questions. Do you like who you are? Are you
happy? Do you think you are a good person? Most of the time, the answer is yes
even if sometimes you have doubts about yourself.

To get rid of those doubts, well you should first accept your faults and
realize that you are not the only one that has this problem. Everyone has a
few flaws that they want to get rid of so you must have the willingness to
change in order to improve yourself.

Another thing you should accept is that you are different from the rest.
This is not only in terms of your physical attributes but also who you are
personally just like each person has their own set of fingerprints that can
never be duplicated by anyone else.

For those that need help, well they can get counseling to improve their
self-esteem or listen to self-help tapes that are designed to do the same
thing as well.

Another technique which won’t cost you a thing will be to write down on a
piece of paper 50 things you like about yourself and then cherishing it. Since
we all grow and change every single day, try to write down one good thing you
did about yourself daily so you can look up and realize that you are not a bad

When you have high self esteem, you are less likely to do anything destructive to
yourself or to others. This is because you have a positive outlook about life and
are always optimistic about the future. With that, you can probably say you can
get anything you want out of life when you have this quality but remember not to
confuse it with being too overconfident because there are two different things.

Another benefit of high self esteem is being able to have an easier time handling
problems and resisting negative pressures. But we should not forget that is
something that we inherit and not something we are born with. This can change in
the years to come only if we allow it and if this happens, hopefully we can be
better than who we were before rather than going the opposite direction.
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Your Team Buil

Make history or become history...

Now that October has arrived, I'm getting 
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My answer is simple...

In order to finish the year strong, you should
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been doing in Q-1, Q-2, and Q-3.

And what exactly are those things?

Taking action.
Enforcing deadlines.
Going the extra mile.
Demonstrating discipline.
Persevering through obstacles.
Focusing on your highest priorities.

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If you started the year overweight and determined
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Are you on track with any of your goals?

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Change Your Life in 100 Days

This is important so, read it right away.
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This is ALL possible through the discipline of

Accountability serves and protects your character,
credibility and commitments. It ensures that what
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Throughout every area of your life it's important 
to understand that ALL unfinished goals, projects 
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With that reality in mind, I wanted to share with
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The Importance of September 23rd

September 23rd may very well prove to be the most
important day of your life.


#1 It marks the final 100 days of the year.

#2 It provides you with an opportunity to redeem
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#3 It represents the turning point in your life
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Since you've read this far, consider a few

How many of your goals have you accomplished so
far this year?

Have your current strategies made you healthier,
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If you continue doing what you've done these past
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How to Make Customers Love Your Small Business

Customers are the heart and soul of your business. Without them there just isn’t a business.
And when you have loyal and devoted customers it just makes being a business owner the
best thing in the world. There’s nothing like building a community of like-minded individuals.
So what can you do to build and grow the love? Here are a few ideas to make your customers
love your small business.


Everyone enjoys a good freebie. When you provide your customers with regular value that
costs them nothing, not even their email address, they really start to feel appreciated. They
also start to truly appreciate you too. Freebies can come in the form of promotional offers
like a BOGO (buy one get one).

You can also share free downloads and information. It’s more than offering free content.
Offer free downloads too. Think about reports, videos, checklists, comparison charts,
workbooks, and lists. Help your customer by providing extra value for free.

Superior Customer Service

Over deliver when it comes to customer service. Provide them with an exceptional customer
service experience and make sure the experience is consistent. Each time you interact with
a customer - whether it is on a social networking site, via telephone or email or face to
face - make sure they know how much you appreciate them.
How? Create systems that support a great experience. Autoresponders can ensure each
customer email is acknowledged in a timely manner. Apparent policies and procedures and
a FAQ page can help ensure customers can easily find answers to their questions. And a
friendly, polite, and welcoming communication can reinforce your customer service vision.


Make sure everything you do is done to the best of your ability. Always put forth quality
information, products and services. Quality matters. It not only helps you earn customer love;
it also helps build credibility and authority in your industry. People will share the good news
about you and your business. You’ll receive referrals and recommendations. It’s one of the
best ways to build a business.

Create high expectations for yourself and your business. Then rise up to the challenge to
meet them. Provide an exceptional customer service experience. Give your customers a
steady supply of no cost value, and take steps to ensure each and every product or service
you deliver or represent is top notch.

Treat your customers like you want to be treated and you’ll be well on your way to building a
loyal and loving customer list. They’ll buy from you more often. They’ll refer you to others and
they’re the best people to work with. Loving customers make being a business owner worthwhile.

How to Streamline Your Business Processes

If you own and operate your own online business then chances
are you have a multitude of processes. Each process contributes
to your bottom line. And each process consumes time. Your time
is money as they say. If you take the time to streamline your
processes you can make more money in less time. Here are
four steps to streamline your business processes.

Step #1 Test and Time

Do you know how long it takes you to accomplish each core task 
associated with your business? For example, do you know how 
long it takes you to pay your bills each month? Bill paying is a task 
that doesn't generate any income. Therefore it makes sense to 
reduce the time spent and streamline the process as much as possible. 

The first step to streamlining your processes is to gather the data. Time 
yourself with each of your core processes. For example, when you sit 
down to pay your bills this month, write the time that you start. When 
you’re finished, take note of how long it took you to complete the task. 
Repeat this process with each of your business tasks. 

Step #2 Know The Value Of Your Time

Do you know your hourly value? This is essentially your annual income 
divided by the number of hours you work each year. It’s often easier to 
determine if you break it down by month. So how much did you work last 
month and how many hours did you work? For example, if you worked 
20 hours a week last month and you earned $3600 then your hourly 
value is 3600/80 (assuming there were four weeks in the month) or $45/hour. 

The value of your time is important. It serves as a motivator to spend more 
time on profit generating tasks and less time on administrative or management 
tasks. Additionally, it’ll help you make budgetary decisions when deciding how 
to streamline processes. 

For example, if you are trying to streamline your bill paying processes and you 
determine that it’ll cost you $35/hour to outsource the task to a bookkeeper then 
you know that it is a financially wise decision. You’ll save $10/hour. Of course this 
is assuming you replace that hour you would have spent paying bills with a profit 
generating task.

Step #3 Look for Ways to Save Time

In step #2 outsourcing was mentioned. There are essentially three main ways to 
streamline a process. You can:

Outsource or delegate

Use templates or blueprints

Automate processes

As you’re working through each task, always look for opportunities to save time. 
Embrace the tools that make sense for your business. 

Once you've added technology or outsourced some or all of the task, consider timing 
the task again. Just as you did in step #1, assess how long it takes you to complete 
each task. Also occasionally evaluate your hourly value. Ultimately, the goal is to make 
more and do less. 

The Most Effective Sources To Improve Your Personality

It's been said that if you want to earn more then you have to become or
grow more. What it means is that you have do personal development to
become a more effective person  when dealing with others.

You must have asked yourself this question often, “How do I improve
my personality and become a more effective person?” People
throughout the ages have realized that personality is a very important
contributor to success. Indeed, you cannot succeed without having a
great personality. When you are inspiring, confident, charming, optimistic,
etc. you are improving your personality. The sheer magnetic effect that it
adds to your charisma is what brings you to success.

But, where do you go to improve your personality? There are actually
various places where you can learn.

The most effective school for building a personality is life itself. Learn
from the people that you meet everyday. Just think about the people who
inspire you the most. What do they have that you don’t? What is it that
makes you and other people drawn to them? Surely it is not just about
physical looks. When we are talking about success in business, a person’s
physicality does not really matter. So, there’s something else. Maybe:-

(i)   These people are more self-confident than you are,
(ii)  These people are able to do things by themselves in a much
       better way than you can,
(iii) These people are able to speak and communicate in a better way,
(iv) These people have a better sense of humor,
(v)  These people are friendlier

…and so on. These are the things that really build their personality. Analyze
which of these traits they have and try to emulate them in your own personality.
Even if you take one positive trait from the influential people that you meet and
work them in your own personality, you can see how your life will be improved.
The second source – and a very considerable source too – to hone your
personality is through books. Some of the best sellers of the world have been
personality development books. Some names that come to mind without any
effort are:-

(i)    How to win Friends and influence People
(ii)   Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
(iii)  The Secret
(iv)  Who moved my Cheese?
(v)   Rich Dad, Poor Dad
(vi)  The entire Chicken Soup series of books

These are just a few examples. Go to the nearest bookstore and you will find
so many titles. Even if currently you think that books cannot teach you anything,
you must make an attempt at least. Read any one of these titles and you will
see how they can influence your way of thinking. You won’t have to do anything
special, but these books will add to the richness of your life.

Improving personality is not something that you can start and then stop; it has
to be an ongoing process. Start learning from these sources and you will see
that you reach where you want to.

I am a believer in the  study & practice of personal development. If
you are ready to begin improving yourself, subscribe to the blog so,
you will find out about what is working  & what books to read.

Are Home Parties Still Relevant?

Do people like to still have fun & gather with families
& friends? I know I do as well as you do also. It seems
like they are getting together more now than they did

I believe that social media has brought us out of our
self imposed prisions.

What is a home party? A home party or a party plan is a network
marketing gathering at the home of a distributor (known as the host).

This business model is made popular many decades ago by a
company called Tupperware. It works by having a party host organize
a Tupperware party and they invite their friends and neighbors to their
homes to see their product line. According to the company’s policy,
the host who organizes the home party is given lots of free products
based on the number of orders taken or the level of sales made during
the party. These parties also take place in offices, schools/colleges
and even in community groups such as country clubs and churches as well.

In fact, these home parties have extended (but are not limited) to product
lines such as lingerie, computer and video games and even sex toys!

Today, the biggest concern for the 21st century is – are home parties still
relevant in the Google era? With the introduction of YouTube, you can virtually
see an entire product demo unfold right before your eyes. In fact you do not
even need to drive out of your house (to the host’s home) to watch the
product demo there.

So are home parties still relevant? In my opinion, the answer is yes and no.

You have to learn to be savvier when it comes to organizing home parties.
Simply just sending out to invitation cards and pestering your friends and
neighbors to come to your home party isn’t as easy anymore because people
are getting wiser. They are aware of your ‘schemes’ and they know more and
more about MLM.

When you want to pitch your product, you have to be able to engage it in
such a way that doesn’t look like you are hard selling or obliging others to
buy your product.

On the other hand, when you consider that the Internet is a place that is devoid
of the persona, face to face interaction, you will begin to wonder if being virtual
is the best way to go or not? There are some things that only the personal touch
can achieve, like giving prospects the comfort for them to make a decision.

Sometimes, the prospect needs to see and touch the actual product in order to
decide if that is the thing that they want to buy.

The best solution is to combine both elements for your home party. You can try
running an online ad to gather leads, you record your own YouTube video to show
people how the product benefits and finally invite them to your house in order to
do the product demo, right after the autoresponder has helped you to build a

Do YOU make these 34 mistakes in Video?

If you use video in your marketing efforts then I haae
a special message for you. As you see more and more
video is being use on the internet  proves the importance
of it.

I realize that so I am going to make it my business to learn
how to use it more effectively in what I do online. My
recommendation is that you do the same if you want your
business to grow.

Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime are SICK of BAD VIDEO.

So much so that they PARTNERED up to rid the world of
bad marketing videos.

Warning: Check your "Ego" at the door.

...Andy and Mike claim that MOST marketers are making
at least TEN of these 34 mistakes.

Do you agree?

I didn't know until I saw the "BAD Video" that Andy Jenkins
made as an example of what "Most Marketers," are currently
doing wrong in our industry

Hint: Most Marketers = You and Me

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Hold on...

To be honest, I don't make all of these but I must say, I do
see many marketers make many of these 34 mistakes.

But when the "Guru" enters into this video and says

"Girls you can't even afford to make ONE
mistake any more!"

THAT'S what SCARED me.


Because Andy and Mike made a test video and
they show how Retention rate or "Bounce Rate"
dipped when all they did was adjust the audio
leves to mimic "Bad Audio"

Mike Filsaime knows tho all too well.

He admits he was making bad videos and
2 years ago he contacted Andy, the "Boss Man"
himself to help him with make better Videos.

Ever since, Mike Filsaime's Conversion rates
have sky rocketed.

Mike and Andy are now seeing TOO MANY BAD VIDEOS
and they said:

"I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"


So they created this Free Training Video to show you the 34
most common mistakes marketers are making today
and how to FIX them.

Like a Boss!


Check out the link above and increase your conversions
today and help rid the world a "Crappy Marketing Videos."


By the way Mike and Andy say there is actually 101 mistakes
(but the only had time for 34) so they are giving away a free
download of all 101 mistakes.

This is a must have resource so make sure to
download it here

One last thing

Hint: there are " 5 Easter Egg" references to
Hollywood Movies. Two of them are easy to find.
The other Three will be hard find, but see
if you can spot'em all

How to Get Everything Done in Your Day

If you are like me, you have way too many things to do
in  your day then you have time to do them. For this reason
I had to get a simply system to get stuff accomplished. I am
sharing it with you in the hopes that you will benefit from
it as I have.

Does the idea of completing your task list every day sound impossible?
For many people, the task list is so long they need a legal pad to make
their list. The result is a never ending list and that missing feeling of
accomplishment. Instead, with a few quick tips, you can find pride and
satisfaction every day by completing your list. Here’s how:
Step #1 Make a List

If you haven’t created a habit of making a daily, weekly, and monthly
“to do” list it’s time to embrace the habit. This system of organization
helps you track everything you need to accomplish. It ensures you
stay productive and efficient. And let’s face it, it’s much better than
starting your day with a head scratch as you try to figure out what you
need to focus on first.

Step #2 Prioritize

Now, taking a look at that list you made for your daily, weekly, and
monthly tasks, rank them in order of priority. What are the most
important tasks for your business? What tasks can you, and only
you, accomplish? What tasks will help you grow your business,
make money, and thrive?

Step #3 Eliminate

Now this may sound dramatic but it’s important. Chances are there
are items on your task list that just don’t belong there. Either they can be:
Accomplished by someone else – Outsource or delegate tasks that take
too much time, don’t fit into your schedule, and don’t directly affect your
income. Automated – Embrace technology! There are so many tasks that
can be automated. For example, bill paying. You can automate your bill
paying and save yourself hours each month.

Delayed – How many of the tasks on your list really need to be done
right now? For example, you might have errands and chores on that list.
Chances are they can be saved for the evening hours or for the weekend. Or
you might be able to buddy up with someone and swap errands. They go to
the office supply store and buy items for the both of you and you head to the
post office and handle the shipping for the both of you.

Flat out eliminated – How many tasks on your list can simply be eliminated?
Chances are there are at least a few. If you struggle with this, try letting go of
one task. Just get rid of it and see what happens.

Finally, as you take a look at your shorter daily task list it’s important to keep
the items in order of priority. Focus on the most important, and profitable,
tasks first. Then focus on the lesser tasks once you’re finished. You’ll find that
your days are much more productive. You’ll finally get to enjoy the feeling of
throwing away that daily task list with a sense of satisfaction.

Prospecting Strategies: Divide and Conquer

Many network marketing reps struggle as far as prospecting is concerned.

One of the reasons why they are so uncomfortable when approaching their
friends is because they are fighting an uphill battle against their group of friends.

Granted, it is very difficult when you are doing it alone. After all, peer pressure
is against you and the only way you can successfully convince your friends to
join your network marketing is if you and another partner are working as a team.

The first and most notable example of working together as a team is with your
spouse or your significant other.
The man will usually talk business, because most prospects usually perceive
the man as the one holding the authority (not that women are inferior, but they
have more powerful ROLES in different areas).
The women on the other hand, will do well trying to relate to the prospect
 through products and services.

With that said, don’t fight to be the boss – learn to examine the situation.
This sort of tag team prospecting is even more effective when dealing with
couples because while the man talks about business plans in the living room,
the women can chat all about products in the kitchen.

If you do not have a partner, you can always pair up with your upline or a side
line (sometimes, it even works with downlines… after all, there is power in
numbers). If your upline and you know a mutual friend, greatest leverage you
have to convince a common friend to sign up is to use social leverage (after
all, ‘everyone else’ is in… what about you?) This works even well if your upline
has credibility and is someone who is well respected, you will have better
chances for success.

The most important thing is to make sure you do not do this business alone.
Network marketing is a business that puts you in business for yourself, but you
are NOT going to work by yourself. Trying to go solo in your network marketing
business is suicidal because if your downlines try and pick it up, they will each
do things their own way (solo) and you will have a heck of a problem when your
group reaches a large number.

Another reason why it is very difficult to work alone is because you don’t have all
the time in the world to go running around prospecting and taking care of all your
downlines at the same time. You need to share the load and give some credit to
your downlines as they look out for one another when you are not around.

You are in business for yourself, but not BY yourself. You must learn to divide and
conquer as you work together with your uplines, downlines, sidelines and even the
staff in the company. When your prospect see you walk down the isle and the
managers and staff are all waving to you, it gives you a lot of credibility (when they
wave to you and you go, “By the way, that’s the managing director of the company…”)

Remember, there is strength in numbers.

The Choices We Make

Let me ask you, are you living the life of your dreams?
Now really think back to when you where a child & you
use to think about what you where going to do or be when
you grew up. Did you make that happen?

If you are like most people the answer is no you aren't living
the life you want to be experiencing. Again like most people
you are probably blaming everything or everyone else for
you not being able to have the time of your life.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is you that has kept you from
all that you desire. You see it is only you that can make it happen
so, if it doesn't then it is you who kepted it from happening.

Now you may be wondering how can I say that, I don't know
what you have gone thru or experiencing right now. To that I
say, it doesn't matter because I have learned that whatever
we are going thru is the outcome of the choices we have made.

It's really simple if you think about it. You have to make
hundreds of choices a day if not more & it can be a huge
undertaking. However, it is you that are making these
choices so it is you that is creating the reality that you
are living in right now.

You may even think that this isn't completely true because
on some issues you don't make a choice. Well let me tell
you that is a choice in itself.

Look I know becasue I have lived thru his for a long time &
have researched looking for the answer to why I did not have
what I wanted. That's when I realized that what I get out of life
is what I put into it.

If I did not choose to do the things needed to be done to get
what I wanted then how could I exspect to get them. That is
what you have to do in order to have some fun in your life.

Here' a way to fix the problem so you will start living the life
you dreamed about.

* Decide on what it is you want,
*Make a plan to get it
*Start working the plan; Take ACTION

Make adjustments along the way but stay at it until it
is done. Make sure the choices you make now are
moving you towards your dream. It is either moving
you away from it or towards it; you decide which way.

For more ideas & ways to help you get what it is that
you are after, subscribe to the blog to be notified when
new post are made.

Get Your Money Back!

When you go into business you do it create profits so
you can pay the bills & have enough left over to fulfill
your dreams, right?

Well, one of the key indicators in deciding on an
opportunity or making an equipment purchase is what
is your ROI going to be. Basically what is the Return On
Investment going to work out to.

You calculate it by dividing how many of an item you
have to sell or members to join divided into what it cost
you to get started. For example say it cost you $200 to get
into your program & you can earn $25 for each person that
you get to come in.Well we would take 200/25 & that tells us
that we need to bring 8 people in to recoup our investment.

You probably though I was talking about retuning your
purchase to get your money back & no that wasn't it.
If that is the case then you should not have made the
purchase in the first place.

Do not take a long time to do this either. The longer it
takes you to achieve this goal the longer it will be before
you are making any profits. The reason that is becasue
you aren't taking any action which leads to fear & doubt.

You let them two setttle in your mind & you might as well
as close up shop. Do not let them steal your dreams as they
have so many others.

Time does not wait on anyone and as they say "time is money"
in business. So, your first order of business after you get in is
getting setup,determining what it will take to get your roi, &
then taking ACTION to get it done.

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How to Grab Your Reader’s Attention with Your First Sentence

Did you know that you have less than twenty seconds to grab your
reader’s attention? Once you have it, you have to keep it of course.
However, the truth of the matter is that once they’ve made a decision
to continue reading, it’s easier to hold their attention. So the first few
sentences matter. They may be the most important words you write.
So how do you hook them? How do you grab your reader’s attention?

#1 Ask a Question

One of the easiest ways to capture attention is to get your reader
immediately involved. You can do this by asking a question. They
person will read the question and answer it for themselves or guess
at an answer. By doing this, they become invested in the answer. Were
they right? Did they make the right guess? Did the information you
provided back them up or did they learn something new?

#2 Share a Statistic, Preferably One That Evokes Emotion

People enjoy data. It helps them make sense of the world around them.
And data can be used to make a very strong point. In fact, did you know
that one in five articles and blog posts written online starts with a statistic?
Not really - just providing you with an example of how a statistic can be used.
You can use statistics to evoke emotion too. Tapping into guilt, fear, and hope
can pull your reader right into your article or blog post.

#3 Quotable

Do you love quotes? Many people do. So much so that Facebook, Twitter,
and Pinterest are inundated with thousands of them daily. Start your content
off with a quote to pull the reader in. It gets them thinking right away and tends
to arouse curiosity.

#4 Share a Joke or Funny Story

Humorous posts are often shared online with others. If you want to motivate
others to share your content, as well as read the full article, consider starting
with a funny story. If you find writing humor to be a challenge, consider simply
sharing a funny comic strip that relates to your topic.

#5 Make a Promise

Finally, consider getting right to the point. Tell your reader what you can do
for them and what they’ll gain by reading your article. A wise businesswoman
once said, “tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Then tell them
what you told them.” It’s a simple template for a consistently effective article
or blog post.

It's Time to Turn Pro

Well, the first 90 days of the new year have pass us by & have
you achieved all that you wanted to during this time? If you are
like most people the answer is heck no. Admit it because you
know it is true. I came up short myself & that is not a good starting

It's like I tell me children at the beginning of every school year,
start off getting high grades now. That way you do not have to
work so hard to pull them up later.

Well it is time for us to: Grow Up - Get Serious.
But have you ever taken the time to really think of the impact and
importance of those four words on your life.

April 1st has arrived, the second quarter has begun, and it is
with that milestone in mind that I wanted to talk with you about
the key decision you must make in order to get your life, career
and business on the fast track of explosive growth.

One thing about successful people is that at some point in their
life, each one has looked in the mirror and decided that once and
for all...

they were done playing games...

they were done settling for table scraps...

they were done accepting excuses from themselves and others...

they were done standing by idly on the sideline while other people
that they did not perceive as being as bright nor as talented lived
in nicer homes and enjoyed a better quality of life.
It was at that moment that they decided to GET SERIOUS about being
a mother, father, spouse, boss, teacher, leader or student.

All the GREAT ones have had this conversation.

So, let's talk about you...

If your performance was lackluster in the first quarter, what are
you going to do differently to redeem yourself and ensure bigger,
better results in the second quarter?

If you continue on as you have been without making any changes, do
you seriously believe that life will get better?

It won't.

In fact, if you choose to continue on in the second quarter with
the same strategies, same attitude, and same level of effort that
you put forth in the first quarter, the only thing you can count
on is MORE of the same.


C'mon, both you and I know that for things to get better, you
must step it up, get serious, raise your standards, and play a
much better game. And, I'd like to show you how.

If you have ever felt that you have the talent, skills, and
potential to completely dominate your market, crush your
competitors, and make huge quantum leap gains in your performance,
but for some reason, you have not put it all together, then do
yourself a favor and join me and the more than 280,000 people
worldwide who have participated in this extraordinary program.

You really owe it to yourself to see what's on the other side
of this link as it's a real game changer and your ticket to the
good life.

P.S. What you receive when you turn pro, and get serious about your
life is you find out that you really are tougher than you think you
are; and that you can achieve far more than you ever allowed
yourself to enjoy. It's go time!

Six Tips for Direct Sales Business Success and Team Development

Being successful in direct sales requires more effort than just recruitment
and training of new team members. As a leader, you will find yourself doing
a great deal of mentoring, but you also need to be able to build solid
relationships and conduct business in a trustworthy manner. 

1. Before you begin recruiting members for your team, come up with a
business plan for your business. In your business plan, include the mission,
vision, objectives, and goals of your company. Once you develop your
business plan, you can begin the task of recruiting team members that will
help your business maintain your business objectives and constantly move forward.
2. Team development begins with recruiting solid prospects. It is important
to be willing to put yourself in places that will allow you to find those who are
interested and passionate about becoming a hard-working team member.
Many online communities have forums where you can put information on your
business and recruit others. Social media websites are another great place to
find prospects for your team. 

3. Finding the prospects really isn’t the hardest part of team development.
The most difficult aspect of it all boils down to converting the prospects to
team members and making sure they are well informed and trained. For this to
happen, you need to make sure that you are well educated on your business. Be
open so that your team members can consult when they are in need of assistance.
If your team members see that you are very knowledgeable about the business,
love what you do and support them, they are much more likely to become
extraordinary team members.

4. As prospects become team members, consider these people to be your
co-workers. Each of you is working towards a common goal. In order for that to
happen, you regularly put forth an effort to lead the team. This will consist of
regular training sessions, conference calls and interaction with your team members. 

5. Time management is another essential component of ensuring success in
direct sales businesses. You will want to make sure you work on a schedule and
prioritize business tasks accordingly. What’s most important and what needs to be
done first? This is something you will also be sharing with your team members as
you coach them.

6. Assist your team members when they need it. Don’t just leave them out there to
figure it out on their own. This will also consist of helping them recruit other
members for the team. Each new member recruited is a step closer to success,
especially when the team has an awesome leader.

As your business evolves from start-up to growth, always remember to set goals.
Once you reach one goal, it’s time to set another one. Stay motivated and reward
yourself and your team for a job well done. When team members see you as a
positive example and motivator, they are much more likely to work hard, stay focused
and deliver the outcomes that will result in success for your business. 

It takes a lot of effort and time to build a successful direect sales business but in the
end it is worth it. You need to be disciplined yourself to see that things are getting
done but also knowing what needs to be done and how. There are many resources out
there to help you but finding the right ones can be a challenge as it was for me.
That was until I found one that was a complete package. It provides a way for
you to get leads and training that you need plus what you can direct your
recruits to use to help build your business. You can check it out on a trial at Join in with
me and becomea part of our special mastermind and training community
where you get access to some of the best in the business.

3 Things People Need Now

People are in a state of despair & are in a trance without
even realizing it. If you go out in where there is a group of
people, just check them out to see if I am right or not.

Look for the most part the population is still waiting on the
government to bail them out & get the economy going again.
They are still believing those lies that where told  in the past
that have not come true yet. Heck the government can't bail
itself out of the mess it is in so, what makes you thing the
are going to do anything for you.

People need to start believing in themselves again, that they
can turn their hardships around & have a less stressful life.
Lack of belief in themselves is causing them to fear doing
something different or extra to put an end to the financial
or physical pain that they are going thru. We have more
problems now with all this technology & information than
we did without it in the past.

The people do not have love for themselves or their fellow
man like they use to. They rather put up with less than they
can have becasue they feel like they do not deserve it. That's
crazy becasue you have the right to enjoy all that you can
as long as you do not cause harm to others while doing it.
If you really loved yourself & others then why are you not
making it better for you all? There is nothing wrong with
self love either because before you can love others you have
to love yourself first.
Last but not least, people are not as happy as they used to be.
They are more hateful and mean to each other which does
not do any good for us. Instead of trying to be helpful to others
usually they are trying to get over on them. Get something for
nothing. We can not go on like this because it is just going to
bring society down more than it is no and we will be like the
animals in the jungle.

So, we the people need to be awakened and start believing
in ourselves that we can make things better for all. We have to
love ourselves and others enough to make the world a
better place. Then we will have the happiness that we all are
searching for because we have done something for someone
else. That is where true happiness comes from.


You Must Be ProActive, Use Your Personal Power

You have probably found out that there are many different
kinds of people out there in this big world of ours. since
you do not know who you will come across you have to
be able to deal with just about anyone. At least long enough
until they prove themselves not worthy of your time.

I tend to be a very direct person and that does not go
over well with alot of people. So, if I am going to get
anywhere in my business, then I better learn how get
along with the variety of folks out there. What do you

Below is some information that you may find interesting
and that can be used to help you in these matters of
clearing ourself of any wrong doing wnen being sociable.

Have you run into a mortal who's so naturally friendly that
when you put him within a room of strangers, he'll be friends
with almost everybody in no time We call such a people-person,
somebody incredibly nice and magnetic that he may charm
anybody into doing anything. It is an important part of
personal development.

A socially-empowered individual accomplishes so much
greatness, essentially because of the individuals that slingshot
him to success. He earns the trust and full-scale support of the
individuals, whom he had assisted before. He never runs out of
help. He may do anything with the plethora of individuals behind
him. All because he recognizes he maximizes his social potential!

See, if you understand your social skills and you capitalize on them,
you'll reach self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is making a
general overhaul in your life and turning yourself into a more pleased
and more successful individual. If you are able to be among those
people-persons, then I can't see any reason why you won't succeed.
You just have to understand how to start.

Hypocrisy will just bring you down. Be truly nice and interested in
individuals. Once they perceive that you're Mr. Phony with selfish
intentions, you may as well say adios to self-empowerment.

To earn trust of the individuals, listen to their troubles and feel for
them. Don't just hear them out; listen to them with your core. Make
eye contact when the individual talks to you. Listen as though every
word matters and it does. You get Brownie points when they discover
that there's a confidante in you.

You don't have to be Rockefeller and waste your savings. Small
acts of kindness matter the most, and this may be as simple
as giving somebody a surprise card or helping a senior cross the street.
Now is the time to resurrect the good deeds and this time, let them stay

Pitiful how some friendships are fated to goodbye, but thanks to
technology, you are able to do something about it. Relive the good old
days by seeking the great people whom you want to communicate with
once again. Adding these old acquaintances to your roster of support
peers will certainly make you feel great all over.

Are you crabby, grouchy and that way. Eliminate the bad traits and habits
that constantly cramp your growth.
And truly, who wants a crabby friend anyhow

When angry, don't snap at anybody. Never throw a conniption. Stay
calm and collected. Be adult enough to take charge of situation and
transform your angriness into something richer and passive.

Your relationship with your loved ones, friends and associates is
too precious so you must not neglect it whatever happens. Go out and
have fun with them. Do things together.

Ultimately, utilizing individuals for self-empowerment means
becoming a better and more lovable individual. It's a win-win situation
the individuals know they may turn to you anytime and vice versa.

Preparing For the Big Game

This past Sunday the biggest game in all of sports was played
and watched by more people then any other sporting event in history.
Yes, I am talking about the Super Bowl 47, that had brother against
brother coaching the two teams involved.

It takes alot for a team to make it to the big game as they have to prepare
for the season just for starters let alone win enough games to make it to the
playoffs. That's when it gets really serious becasue if you lose a game then
you go home & have to wait until next season. The teams that make it thru the
playoffs & are the last ones standing for their conference's get the  chance to
become the next champions of football.

The fans go thru a lot preparing for it also & that is what I want ot touch on
in this post. Seems like they put more into this then they do in preparing what
is going on in their lives. They follow their teams all season encouraging thru
every game & getting on their cases when they lose. They get together with
others to watch the games, even take time off from work if that is a big
enough game of the week for their team.

This year it seemed a little strange to me, as if it was a holiday or something.
I don't know as I have watched a many of Super Bowls & have partaking in
my share of parties in the past. It just seemed like people had put more meaning
into this years game than before. Well, maybe not as if their team was in it but it
didn't matter as much. They where still out shopping for parties and going to them
like it was Christmas if you ask me.

I just wonder why people do not put that much time in preparing for what is
going on in their lives or planning their lives so that they could get what they
sant out of it. People are struggling to get by or hurting with some type of pain
and just go on like that is what they are supposed to do. Let their team lose &
they are ready to go to war.

We all get caught up in the action of the game but it is time that we get caught
up in life and start playing it to win. For us that is the biggest game there is
and if we do not start preparing for it & participating in it like we should, it is
going to just past us by & be over with like Ray Lewis' as he retires this year.

You have to realize that you are in the most important game there is, YOUR LIFE.
Realize that it is up to you to make the most of it & if you don't then you have no one
to blame but yourself. I have decided that I am no longer going to be a spectator in
this game but a player. Like Ray Lewis I am playing to win it all so when I retire I
also will go out as a Champion.

Will you join me?

Five Necessary Skills for Success in Direct Sales

Sales people are required to have certain skills in order to be successful.
While opinions are certainly going to differ, here are five skills that any
person needs to have in order to experience success in direct sales.

1. Motivation is one of the biggest attributes that any sales person must
have in order to achieve the level of success they desire. If you are not
motivated, you can bet your life that your potential customer can see this.
There is nothing worse than being interested in a product and having a
sales person who shows no motivation whatsoever. Lack of proper
motivation is a definite deal buster.

You also need to have leadership abilities when you are involved in a
direct sales opportunity. This is very important because you are going to
be building a team of sales people who will be turning to you when they
need help, advice and information. 

2. Organization skills are absolutely essential when it comes to being a
sales person. You are soon going to find that you are a bookkeeper,
inventory manager, order taker, problem solver and more. In order to
do all of these things you need to establish and maintain some type of

3. Time management is another skill that is extremely important. And
this is a skill that doesn’t necessarily come naturally for everyone. If you
aren’t a natural at time management, then work on developing this
necessary skill. It’s easier to manage your time when you know exactly
what your day will consist of. If you are list maker, it never hurts to make
a “to do” list for each day so you will know exactly what you need to do
and when.

4. Good communication skills are a must. If you cannot communicate well,
it’s almost impossible to deal with people on the level expected when you
are a sales person. You will be dealing with prospects and customers on a
daily basis and sometimes many times a day. You have to be able to
communicate in person, on the telephone, and sometimes by email or other
written correspondence.

5. As your business experiences growth, you will most definitely need to
consider building a website. You need to be somewhat internet savvy and
although you may not have web design skills, it doesn’t hurt to learn some
of the basics. With modern technology, it’s almost essential that your business
has presence on the internet. 

Having the proper skills required in sales is one way to ensure that your
business reaches its maximum potential. A huge percentage of your jobs as a
sales person will require that you are consistently motivated, maintain enthusiasm
and use your knowledge to get you where you want to be. Your future depends on
it, so don’t let the difficult times get you down. Stay positive.

Envision success for your business, strive to get there, keep a positive attitude
and put your sales skills to use so your vision will soon become a reality!