How to Find your Passion

In my quest to find the way to get from where I am at to where I want
to be the emotion of passion keeps coming up.

From those that have made it, in any endevor, they all seem to have a
burning desire to reach their goal.The fuel that keeps the fire burning
for them is the passion they have for what they are doing.

The following steps hopefully will help you in discovering or
rediscovering your passion(s) so, that you can get to where YOU
want to be!

Following your passion brings personal power and awakens yourself
to the beauty of the world. It leads you to the heart of spiritual journey
as it changes your thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. Finding your
passion does not promise an easy life rather a rich life open to hopes
and possibility. 

1. Speak your truths clearly - To find your passion you must speak
your truths and ready yourself to new adventures. Know what really
matter to you? What truly makes you happy? Know the things you do
best and makes you feel complete.

2. Be open for support - You must also keep in mind that you are not
an isolated being – you need the support of family, friends and
positive-minded social circle that will help you reach your goals.

3. Open up your senses - When you open up your senses, you tend
experience God’s blessings and you feel more peaceful and serene.
This allows you to be more patient and be reminded the cycle of nature.
When you experience this you become more positive and calm.

4. Give yourself a time for pleasure - Waking up in the morning away
from busy schedules and having the freedom to do the things that brings
you pleasure? To find your passion you must allow yourself a time for
pleasure. For many people, allowing pleasures induces guilt as it is not
productive and hinders you from getting important things accomplished.
But this view of pleasure is actually a matter of opinion. Gentle pleasures
are good to your health and are productive. By allowing yourself time for
pleasure you become more focused and passionate in your job.

5. Liberate yourself - A person who finds her passion is a truly wise person.
Doing a work that reflects your personality and values promises you a lifelong
happiness and contentment. It is easier and liberating when we accept who
we are and we allow other people to accept us too. The human psyche is a
holistic system, to numb one part of our being is to numb the rest and create
constant struggle.

6. Feed yourself with affirmations - Affirmations are important in finding your
passion in life as it makes you feel secure and optimistic about reaching your
goals. A lot of people don’t get to their destinations out of fear of failure. You
should allow yourself to get upset by some downturns but remind yourself to
pull yourself together past and get on track again. Some people might influence
you into thinking negative. It’s not so easy to shut them out of your life. But it’s
easier to practice blocking the negative energies that they bring into your life.
It keeps your sanity.

Finding your passion is an endless song. When you do the things that you are
passionate about you allow you let your life to flourish. You let yourself connect to
everything you are – in mind, in heart, and in spirit. You are a stronger that can face
challenges better because you are reinforced by being able to do the things you love.
You feel more alive, positive, self-respecting, and determined. You live your life with
confidence and high morale. And you feel you are contributing goodness and
positivism to the people in your life. 

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Don't Fear Cold Market Recruiting

Say you have started your own part or full time business in
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the things that you like or want to do.

You may have all ready talked to all your friends and family
about it right? Hoping they would buy product or better yet
join up with you in the business. However, they don't have the
vision that you have so, they are not having any part of it, bummer.

I had the same experience many times over and just could
not understand why they would not be interested in what I
was offering them. The keys to the pot of gold that they where
looking for. They want the same freedoms as you and I but, not
willing to work at it this way.

What's a person to do, especially if their up line is not giving much
support except telling you to talk to more people. Well how are you
going to do that if you do not have them all ready and willing to listen
to what you have to say?

Before the internet came about, I was trying my hand at mailorder
becasue I did not want to have to talk to people. I could tell them
about my offer but having them rejecting me was a hard pill to swallow.

See if they did not order by mail then that was not as bad as them
just telling me no face to face. So, when the internet cane on out
I thought my prayers had been granted. However, that was far from
the truth.

You still have to communicate with people even if it isn't face to face.
Plus that is where your market is if you have no more family or friends
to market to.There are a whole lot of people out there that probably want
what you have but if you do not let them know about it or you then you
aren't going to be too successful.

I learned a cool mind switch to use so that I would not be fearful about
approaching someone about my product or service. Instead of looking
at or approaching them as a prospect, treat them as a new friend that you
are making. Just say that I have to make one new friend a day and
you will be on your way to having all the prospects you want.

Cold market is wide open because most people starting a home based
business do not like to use it. They hate the being rejected so, they do
not put any effort into using this method. Just try it for a while & let us
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What is the Difference between Millionaires and the Average in the Home Business Profession?
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