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4 Important Points To Build A List Of Home Business Prospects

Online marketing is on a rise over the years and those who know about it can feel that the rise has taken place a long time ago. The demand for new marketing skills and knowledge for online marketing is also in the hot seat now that a new medium for online marketing is building up its reputation. More strategies are being revealed and many more are being developed to cope with the ever changing online marketing business around the world.

People are looking for more online marketing tips and strategies as they are building a new business platform to gain more profits. This also allows the growth of a new career in internet marketing strategies. If you have noticed that there are many companies that are willing to help you build your site and clientele for a fee but the truth is that there are many other ways for you to spread your business existence while at the same time you don’t have to spend a dime. The most easiest and popular way is the opt-in email marketing.

Opt-in marketing is a strategy to get the permission of customers to give you their email addresses so you can send marketing tips and strategies to their inbox. You can send the materials through the form of newsletters, catalogues and even promotional mailing. The more email addresses you can get, the more newsletters you can send out and this is sure to boost your business.
When you get a list of email addresses, it means that you have targeted audience to promote your business. This is because they are interested in your business so you can take the next step from there by emailing them the tips and strategies as you have written. Over the time, when they are getting comfortable with what you have to offer, they might just purchase from you and your money is flowing in.

To build an effective email list is not difficult if you are patient and learn the strategies of online marketing. I am 100% sure having an email list will be able to bring your business to a higher level. You must put in the effort to expand your business or else you are not able to achieve a higher level in your business. By putting in all your effort, you will be able to increase traffic, generate more sales and earn more profits.

There are four very important steps for you to build a good email list.

1. You need to have a good lead capture website to attract your potential customers. By means of good website is to have a user friendly web form for your potential customers to fill in. You must also provide some benefits as to why they must give you their email address in exchange for your information.

If there is something they don’t like, they might give up signing in. It is actually easy to write about why they should sign up to get more information from you. Provide some details about what you are offering and how it can benefit the potential customers in long run. Then, you will be able to attract them to sign up and you will soon have a long list of email addresses.

2. This has been mentioned before but I will need to emphasize on this point again. Make sure you have an impressive homepage. Apart from having well written articles, you need to make sure that your site is user friendly, meaning easy to use. This is because not everyone that visits your site is tech savvy. Make sure your homepage has everything you need to inform the people who visit your sites while at the same time trying to reduce the size of the page. If you have a heavy homepage, it will takes a long time for the page to load. The faster the page can load, the better it will be.

3. It is also important to have excellent products and services to offer. If you want to attract returning customers, you must maintain a high quality customer service. Perhaps the returning customers will recommend more friends to purchase from you. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in the world for marketing. The more people know about you, the better it is for your business.

4. When you have the list of email addresses, be sure to keep it private as your potential customers have entrusted you. If they get spammed, you are likely to stay out of business. Good reputation is very important to build a successful business and to have customer’s loyalty.  

If you are looking for a system that can help you with building your list of hot prospects, I may have the solution you are looking for. It can help you to solve three of the biggest problems most network marketers face. For a 14 day trial, Go to http://lorenzorothery.mlmleadsystempro.com Sign up for the trial offer & I will show you how you can solve those problems in building your business. Send me an email to lorenzorothery@gmail.com so, I can get that information to you.
4 Qualities You Would Need to Run a Successful Home Business

Setting up a home business is what most people are doing today. However, in order to be successful in this kind of a venture, there are certain things that will be important to you. Here is a list of the four most essential qualities you would need to set up your own home business.

Willingness to Learn

Your home business is going to be your own baby. You are going to be the boss of the whole thing. Now, you couldn’t manage that well if you didn’t know everything there was to such businesses. Whatever opportunity you are looking at pursuing, make sure that you know the ins and outs of it.
Not just that, but you have to also keep learning, incorporating new things into your knowledge bank all the time.


Since you will be working all by yourself, and will be your own boss, you will need to inculcate values of self-discipline within yourself. Most people deliver better when they work under someone else but become complacent when they are left to their own resources. Do not let that happen to you. Your entire venture depends on how diligently you can focus on your work.

Strategizing and Planning

With your own business, you are the one who has to plan and strategize everything. Some of the most important things that will require your strategizing skills is how much work you will take up, how you will go about procuring that, how you will get the work fulfilled, how you will pay your employees if any, how you will invest your funds, etc. You are running the show yourself, so it becomes very much necessary for you to think about every aspect of your business. If you aren’t good at something, like accounting for example, there’s always the outsourcing option, but that opens up a whole new area of strategizing and planning.


Another important quality that a person running a home business venture must have is that they must be quick decision makers. There will always be options in front of you and you will have to choose the most optimal one. In most cases, if you wait too long in deciding, you could lose out lucrative opportunities. People with wavering minds do not usually strike it big by themselves. For being a self-made individual, it is important that you take determined decisions at every step of the way, and we are not just talking about professional decisions here.

In conclusion, there are many things to considered when starting your own business but if you take these 4 & apply them you should be off to a good start. If you need some help with any of these qualities then send me an email to lorenzorothery@gmail.com telling me what your issue is & I will send a reply as to how you can take care of it.
Mompreneurs: How to Balance Your Working and Family Time

Time is a very limited asset that you have so,  make the most of it. Once it is gone there is no getting it back. If you don't believe me, ask Steve Jobs. He did so much & had more to do but his time was cut short. Think about it, this could have happend to any of us.

As a mompreneur you have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. You have decided to run your own business and be a parent. It doesn’t get any more wonderful, and challenging, than that! All of those responsibilities means that finding a balance is essential. A balanced life helps you continue to have it all and gives you the time you need to enjoy the life you’ve designed. Here are some tips, strategies and ideas to balance your working and family time.

#1 Schedule time for everything. It may sound extreme. However, scheduling time to work and time to play really does help you find the balance that’s right for you. Scheduling your life forces you to look at your priorities and make sure you find time for them.

For example, you may decide that working from six am to noon every day works best for you. Then you have from noon until bedtime to focus on your mom responsibilities. Alternatively, you may decide that working two ten-hour days a week works best for you and then taking the other five days to focus on your mom responsibilities. There’s no right or wrong schedule here. A balanced life is defined by you.

#2 Prioritize. This is important for both your business and your personal life. There’s always more to do in every area of your life. Take the time to prioritize both. For example, for your business your priorities are likely your income-producing activities. If you’re a service professional, then the time you spend working with clients is a high priority. If you’re in affiliate or information marketing, then planning and creating content is what brings in the money.

On the personal side, spending time with your partner each week is a priority - as is spending quality time with your children. However, cleaning the house may not be a high priority.

#3 Get help. Once you know where your priorities are you’ll most certainly notice that there are tasks and responsibilities that are not on that list. For example, the house cleaning or your bookkeeping. These are tasks that get pushed to the back of the list. These are also tasks that you can get help with. For example, you can outsource the housecleaning or bookkeeping to a professional.

Make sure that when you outsource a task you fill the available time created with a high priority task. For example, if you outsource your bookkeeping perhaps that frees up three hours of your time each month. Make sure you use that time to work on income-producing activities. The goal is to earn more money than you’re spending on outsourcing.

Finally, learn to recognize when your life feels out of balance. There’s no formula that can tell you. It’s up to you to know when things are askew. This is where regular planning sessions and quiet time alone can help. You can perform an honest analysis of your life and where it is going and make any changes necessary. This is your life. You’re in control!
How to Design an Effective "About Us" Page

On the internet it is really important for people to know who
you are & what you are about. They are checking you out just
as they would offline so you have to be putting your best foot

Your website’s "About Me" or "About Us" page is often one
of the highest ranking pages on a website. It’s important for
many reasons. You want it to help brand your business. You
want it to establish credibility and liking. And, you also want
it to motivate an action. Here’s how to design and effective
"About Us" page.

Step One: Embrace Your Unique Voice

Your "About Us" page isn’t the place to get cutesy or
ultra-creative. However, it is the place to share your personality
and voice. Share what it is about you that is unique and why
you’re passionate about your niche and customers.

Step Two: A Picture

A picture is necessary here. Some people skip it but consider
testing your page with and without a picture. People want to
connect a face to your business. If there are more of you, say
you’re a team or a partnership, then include pictures of everyone.

Step Three: Logical Organization
Organize your "About Me" or "About Us" page into logical sections.
It’ll make it easier for you to write and it’ll be easier for your
audience to read and digest. For example, some categories or
sub-headings might include:

* About the Company
* Vision
* Mission
* Our History
* About Me/Who Is Joe/Jane Doe?
* Why Me/Why Us?

Step Four: A Call to Action

What do you want people to do after they’ve read your
"About Us" page? Always have a purpose and a call to
action that supports your purpose on every web page,
including this one. Common calls to action include:

* Download our free report
* Contact us
* Get a free quote
* Take advantage of ...
* Share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

When creating your "About Us" page, sit down and
create a rough draft first. Outline the things you want
to share and the things you think your prospects want
to know. Don’t be afraid to brag here. In most cases
you don’t want to list a complete work history, but
you do want to highlight your achievements.

Consider also including a few short testimonials or
endorsements if they support your achievements.
For example, if you say that your ebook has sold
more than 5000 copies, then you can include a short
review from a notable industry person after that claim.
Also take the time to optimize it for the search engines.
Use your primary keywords in the description and also
make sure they naturally occur a few times in the copy.
Your "About Us" page is important. Don’t skip it.