Welcome to the Network.

Hello To All,

My name is Lorenzo Rothery & I would like to welcome you the Networks Build Networth blog.

This project was undertaking because of all the disservice & dissatisfaction that was being caused in the field of network marketing. I have experienced it myself as well as all the rest of you out there who are involved or have been involved in it.

No, I am not some super guru, million dollar earner that claims to have all the answers but with what I have learned & am learning I hope to make your journey to the promise land a little less stressful. I have been learning from some of the best in the industry & some outside of the industry but who's product or service could be used by us as we build our business.

Now, the big focus here is to help you build your business to the point that you are experiencing everything you want from it. It is know fact that the rich get that way because they build networks to help them accomplish what it is they set out to do. So, in order for us to accomplish what we want then we must do the same thing.

Thus that is how the title came to be Networks Build Networth. When you build your network your networth should grow as well and that is what we want for you all.

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