Do You Think Like Kim Kardashian?

I have to admit that I am not a big television watcher because there is so much more I could use my time doing. However, when I do it is for getting educated on some topic, issue, or interest that I have at the time. In addition, that could be a lot for someone like me.

Then there are some shows that I watch just for the entertainment value because lets face it, which is what it is mostly about anyway, right? One of those shows is “Dancing with the Stars” that really entertains & inspires me. If you have seen it you know what I mean and if not I recommend that you check it out.

The concept of the show is that regular celebrities are partnered up with dance instructions to learn ballroom dancing, and then there is a contest to see who can stay on until the end to be crowned champion ballroom dancer. During the show, you get to see the training that goes on to prepare for each week because they have to come out & perform one or two dances on the show. There are three judges that analyze and give them a score. The audience and home viewers get to vote on them also.

One of my favorites on this series is Kim Kardashian. Now if you do not know who she is she has a reality show that shows her daily experiences with her family. Her mother is married to Bruce Jennier the Olympic gold medal decathlon winner from back in the day. Besides that Kim is one awesome looking young lady that should being doing more than she is.

That is why I titled this article as I did. I said before when I am watching t.v. it is to learn something if I can and I did watching her. The “Dancing with the Stars” show I am talking about was on Tuesday, September 23. I missed Monday’s episode and Kim was almost eliminated Tuesday because of her slack performance. When I saw her dance on Tuesday, I could tell she still did not realize what it takes to stay on the show.

The judges told her that with the style, looks, and assets she has she should be on fire on the dance floor. However, because of what she thinks she is not doing her best. Could that be the reason you are not doing your best in what you are doing or trying to do.

Now granted she is not a dancing queen or a major performer, if she believed that she was her dancing would have a lot more life to it. She is too stiff, shy, and reserved for that show and it could cost her in the end.

When being interviewed she stated that people think she is out going, party loving hot sexy free spirit. However, in her mind and reality she is not. She is having problems bringing that out of herself. It just seems to me with the way she looks, people she knows that she could come off that way when needed to get what she wanted out of life. Since Kim is not using it, her charisma she is doing all that is possible for her to do. That is to become a Big Time Celebrate and capitalize off it while she can.

That is why I asked are you thinking like her because if you are, you are shortchanging yourself. It may not be that you should try to do or be what others think of you but you should do or be the best you can at what it is you do or want to do.

I have struggled with this for a long time myself and it has held me back as well. It was not that I did not think I could do more. My problem was not taking the action to do it, which would change my life. That is how this blog came into being.

Wanting more time and financial freedom for others and myself I was given the concept of “Networks Build Networth” along with the inspiration to figure out how and to show others the way. Your way may not be exactly like mine but if I can show or tell you something that you can use to find your way, then it is all-good and will benefit us all.

Therefore, it is important that we start believing in ourselves and our abilities to do what we want. Even if it does not seem so now do not give up.

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