Are you a leading force in your market?

Look, I'll be direct.

You are reading this blog post because you're looking for the edge. You want the advantage. You're seeking thatsuperior business or marketing strategy that will catapult YOUR business and/or you to monster success and wild prosperity in your industry.

Loads of people claim they have the "magic bullet." Maybe they do. Maybe they don't.

But I'm absolutely certain about this: One path of business pursuit has (at least) 25 times more probability of exploding your business growth and success upward than anyother single strategy or business approach you could try.

Simply put, you need to transform yourself (and yourbusiness’ image) into the dominant authority in your market.

You need to become THE most trusted expert advisor in yourniche, someone all the consumers (and competitors) look to for important knowledge.

You need to learn how to gain a disproportionately greater influence over people in your marketplace than any other company or individual out there.


Because customers and prospects alike continuously crave greater knowledge and guidance on what decisions, preferences, actions they should take.

And experts provide their marketplaces with the critical information, advice, guidance, understanding, vision, hope,certainty, motivation and confidence they need to make decisions and take meaningful action.

Your marketplace understandably feels (quite logically) that these authorities who have the most information and the newest information and the most usable information --- must be THE most important.

They're always seen (and perceived) by a marketplace (anymarketplace) as the big winners, the shining superstars.Everyone wants to be associated with winners, starts, visionaries.
Don't you want that, too? I mean seriously--why else do youwait for my updated blogs, etc?
Good--because if you want the fastest, easiest path to becoming an Instant Expert in your niche, then this webinaris tailored specifically for you.

Nobody knows more about becoming a monster force in the online marketing world than Rich Schefren...

This is the same guy that not only shot to premier status as the go-to source for marketing and business building wisdom(in record time, I might add)...but he's also the catapult that launched dozens of other multi-million dollar producers.

Ever hear of Mike Filsaime? Tellman Knudson? Shawn Casey?Joel Comm? Ryan Deiss? All former coaching students of Rich's...and all mega-successful in their field.

And the list doesn't stop there. Rich's influence on theinternet marketing world is unprecedented. Because he KNOWS how to make any marketer or business owner--from newbie to experienced--an established force in their industry.
And during this webinar, he's going to reveal his secretformula to YOU.

Don't miss out on this one. It's LOADED with insider info you simply can't get anywhere else.
I'll see you there...

Lorenzo Rothery

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