Superbowl 2010-Who Will Win

Well today is the big day- Superbowl Sunday between the Colts and the Saints which will determine who is the best of the best of the NFL to win the championship game. You, like most of us love to watch these games and hope that your team will win the big one. If your team is not in it then we usually have to settle for one of the others. 

This is a post I have been wanting to write for along time but never took the time to do it and it was usually going to be after the game was over and we knew who won. Now it is not long before this years game starts so I have to be finished before then. This message focuses on what is done before they win. I want to point out somethings that you could use to help you win in life or business.

Every year each teams major goal is or should be to win the Superbowl which is the ultimate prize in professional football. When you win that it says you are the best of the best. That is what everyone wants to be know as is it not. How do you get to be the best of the best then?

You have to have a goal, not just any goal but a big challenging goal like they do. They have to win enough games to get to the playoffs and then when all thier games in the playoffs to be one of the last two teams standing to make it to the big one. We know that is not an easy feat because the opposing team has the same objective and they are not just going to give the win to you.

Well if winning the games gets you there, what does it take to win the games?

You have to be in peak physical and mental shape. Football is a very physical game just as life and business are so it would be wise to workout as much as possible. Since you are using all of your body you have to do many different exercies in order to get in shape and stay that way throughout the course of the season.

Your mind will have to be worked out also because it is as much a mental game as it is physical. You have to study the plays, know what to do in different situations and be prepared for the unexspected to happen at anytime. How many times have we seen a guys miss a tackle,catch, or a block. Then  what what about all the wrong moves that are made. When that is happening they do not have thier head in the game or let the other players mess up thier concentration & focus. We tend to do that alot in our pursuits as well don't we.

Knowing what to do and excuting it better than the other team is what will get you the win and the championship. That comes down to knowing the game plan. The coaches are there to put this together for the team. They help in the above activities as well. However, they have to take the time to study the other team and try to figure out what will have to be done in order for the team to come out victourious.

It is getting close to game time so, I am going to have to wrap this up. now I know that this may not seem like alot to do but if you think about all the steps in between these areas you will realize that it is. So, let me give you the general idea of what I feel it takes to be a winner. You may not agree and that is fine but these are overall steps and not a full drawed out plan. Just enough to get you staring to think about what is needed to win in life and business as in sports.

Have a goal
Be preapred, physically and mentally
Have a plan of attack
Have a coach

If you take this information and apply it to what you are wanting to do, maybe we can see you come out on the winning side. Then you will be a champion in life or business. Both really because to me they are one in the same. Your life is your business and NOW is the time to start winning in it.

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