Help Your Prospects Get a Tax Break

This is last minute I know but I had to get it out to you all. You will
learn things that you can use ASAP. How many people do you think
you could help with this information?

Congress has approved a HUGE TAX DEDUCTION for anyone who
BEGINS their home-based business by MIDNIGHT DEC. 31.

This special tax deduction EXPIRES on DEC. 31. It will no longer apply as
of January 1st.

There will be a webinar TONIGHT to spell out all the details AND show you
exactly how to use this hot news to 'close' even your toughest prospects
on-the-spot. This is powerful stuff!

Register for TONIGHT’S webcast NOW at

Tuesday, Nov. 29
6pm PST; 7pm MST; 8pm CST; 9pm EST
None, it’s Free!


This is this a HUGE opportunity for recruiting and closing. When do most
people take-action? When there is a SENSE-of-URGENCY or FEAR-of-LOSS
right? Well…

Deadline - midnight 12/31

Fear of Loss: Missing the deadline could cost a new distributor up to lose up to
$5,000 in one-time tax deductions that will expire on 12/31.

So go ahead and REGISTER NOW for TONIGHT’s webcast if you have not
already done so.

This could be a game-changer for MLM recruiting and retention! Hope
you can join me on this webcast.

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