Five Simple Steps to Getting Out of Debt

If you are tired of being in debt & having your choices limited then
here is some help to cure your debt problem. However, nothing will
change without you taken action!!

There are more people in debt than ever before and it is a heavy load to bear. 
Our economy is in a downturn, food and gas prices are higher than ever, and
there are strong indications that bankruptcies are on the rise.  If you struggling
with debt and the stress of it all feels like a heavy weight you can no longer
bear, here are five simple steps to getting out of debt.

1.  If you have more than one credit card, choose the one you have had the
longest and cut up the rest.  Resolve that you will not use this card unless
there is an emergency.  From now on, pay for everything with cash.  When
you go shopping, leave the credit card at home.  In this way, you will not be
tempted to buy something you probably don’t need and definitely can’t afford.

2.  Pay down the debt by adding more to the minimum payment required.  In
addition, call the credit card companies and ask to have the APR lowered. 
Begin paying off the credit card with the highest interest rate first.  Then use
the money you would have paid for the first card and add it to the next debt.

3.  Develop a realistic budget and stick to it.   Make a list of all debts and
income.  Determine where you can cut down on spending and make a
concerted effort to follow through with the plan.  Statistics show that over
60% of households start a budget, but give up after a short time.  Seize
the moment!

4.  If you need to, ask family members for a loan so that you can pay off
your debt.  The use of debt consolidation organizations may not be a good
idea since many of them have been shown to defraud their customers. 
However, consulting with reputable and certified credit card counselors may
give you additional tools and resources you can use to get out of debt
sooner rather than later.

5.  If necessary, you may have to find a second job to help you achieve a
debt-free life.  Also give serious consideration to selling items you no longer
want or need on eBay.  The profits can be applied to the debts.  Yes, there
will be sacrifices that need to be made but consider the final result and how
proud you will feel that you accomplished your goal!

We live in a world of debt; that’s the reality.   But if you consider utilizing
these steps to get out of debt, you will not only feel that awful weight being
lifted off your shoulders, but you will become a healthier and happier
person as well. 
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