Preparing For the Big Game

This past Sunday the biggest game in all of sports was played
and watched by more people then any other sporting event in history.
Yes, I am talking about the Super Bowl 47, that had brother against
brother coaching the two teams involved.

It takes alot for a team to make it to the big game as they have to prepare
for the season just for starters let alone win enough games to make it to the
playoffs. That's when it gets really serious becasue if you lose a game then
you go home & have to wait until next season. The teams that make it thru the
playoffs & are the last ones standing for their conference's get the  chance to
become the next champions of football.

The fans go thru a lot preparing for it also & that is what I want ot touch on
in this post. Seems like they put more into this then they do in preparing what
is going on in their lives. They follow their teams all season encouraging thru
every game & getting on their cases when they lose. They get together with
others to watch the games, even take time off from work if that is a big
enough game of the week for their team.

This year it seemed a little strange to me, as if it was a holiday or something.
I don't know as I have watched a many of Super Bowls & have partaking in
my share of parties in the past. It just seemed like people had put more meaning
into this years game than before. Well, maybe not as if their team was in it but it
didn't matter as much. They where still out shopping for parties and going to them
like it was Christmas if you ask me.

I just wonder why people do not put that much time in preparing for what is
going on in their lives or planning their lives so that they could get what they
sant out of it. People are struggling to get by or hurting with some type of pain
and just go on like that is what they are supposed to do. Let their team lose &
they are ready to go to war.

We all get caught up in the action of the game but it is time that we get caught
up in life and start playing it to win. For us that is the biggest game there is
and if we do not start preparing for it & participating in it like we should, it is
going to just past us by & be over with like Ray Lewis' as he retires this year.

You have to realize that you are in the most important game there is, YOUR LIFE.
Realize that it is up to you to make the most of it & if you don't then you have no one
to blame but yourself. I have decided that I am no longer going to be a spectator in
this game but a player. Like Ray Lewis I am playing to win it all so when I retire I
also will go out as a Champion.

Will you join me?

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