Make history or become history...

Now that October has arrived, I'm getting 
all sorts of calls and emails asking advice 
for what to do differently in this final 4th 
quarter (Q-4). 

My answer is simple...

In order to finish the year strong, you should
NOW begin doing the SAME THINGS you should have 
been doing in Q-1, Q-2, and Q-3.

And what exactly are those things?

Taking action.
Enforcing deadlines.
Going the extra mile.
Demonstrating discipline.
Persevering through obstacles.
Focusing on your highest priorities.

and...kicking *$# and taking names.

If you are finally ready to do what NEEDS to be 
done in order finish the year strong then by all
means do not hesitate to go here now:

This will show you how to knock it out of the 
park in Q-4.

Lorenzo Rothery

P.S. Please don't push your luck. I know it's 
about to come down at midnight tonight.

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