It would be a CRIME to miss this

This weekend we’ve been held captive in a
12,000 square foot mansion on a the same
private island Al Capone once lived in Miami.
71 entrepreneurs…

All walking on fire, breaking wood with their 
bare hands, sharing the closely guarded secrets 
of wealth and personal breakthroughs.
In this room are multiple million dollar income
earners who want to share the wealth…
… with you.

And it would be crime to you and your family
if you missed this.

In fact, I hear it was Al Capone’s dying wish
to be a part of this weekend’s mastermind…
Well, we know how that ended.


On Saturday January 30 at 9:00pm EST we’re
giving you the formula to sponsor hundreds of 
members with very little resistance… 
...and turn consistent daily actions into
consistent MASSIVE pay days.
Something most could only imagine, yet
David has done it -- and wants to show you how.
So here’s how this is going to work:

Saturday January 30 at 9:00pm EST
be here and pay close attention:


Get there 5 minutes early to secure a spot.

The best part is you David is going to be
live in the mansion where you will not only
hear from him, but also be able to share
your comments and questions with the
whole group of us.

Reality is, most people who try and
make money from home…
… people like you who want to taste
the sweet flavor of freedom.
… people like you who want to hear
the crashing of waves at your feet…
Simply never do it.
Yet, David will show you how to do just 
Does that sound alright?
It goes down tonight at 9:00PM EST:



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