Decision 09

Well we are in the swing of the new year now. Can you believe that one month has pass by all ready. How fast the days go by when you do not think about it. If you are not taking action on your goals or resolutions then you are going to be in the same place you where at when 2008 went out. I for one do not plan on letting that be the case this year & beyond.

Last year there was a movement developing on Change-making a change in this country and in our lives. It spread so fast and wide that we have done something that has never been done before . That is electing the first African American President. However, there is a lot more change going to have to take place if we are to restore America to greatness once again.

What I want to know is what decisions have you made to change things in your life? To make it better and to get more out of it. Or are you just letting it pass you by as it always has.

If you did make some decisions to change somethings have you acted on them? I have to ask myself that everyday because I want to make some real changes in my life. Even though I planned to start at the first of the year, it was not until about a week later before it started happening.

For instance, I was suppose to be posting to this blog at least three times a week and working up to making daily post. As you can see this is the first one for the year. Yes, I have made a decision to do this and now that I havc started it, I must follow thru to make it happen. It is so easy not to do something and that is why we do not reach the goals we set for ourselves. Well, that has got to STOP.

Our problem with not doing what we say we are going to do is because we do not start. If we would just take that first step and then the next one and keep it up there is not telling what kind of life we could be experiencing.

You should want to experience all that you can out of life, the good life and I want that for you also. As I have learned "you don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going." So, let us get going.

Some of the areas that you could make decisions about are relationships, health, work, spiritual, finacnes, and education. We should consider these as they are some of the most important areas of our lives and thus should be a part of the changes in it that we are going to make.

There might be others that you want to add but start with these because they are universal and generally effect everything else that goes on in your life.

So, for each one make a decision about what you want to change in that area. When it comes to health most people say they want to get healthier and that they are going to start exercising more. I know because I have started that myself since I want my body to be looking good this spring and summer when I can wear my shorts and tank tops.

My sone has a Wii along with the Wii fit program and is something else to use to achieve my health goals. Now once again this is something that I am starting late but I am going to take action on it & by me stating here that is going to motivate me to do it. You see your health is the most important thing you could have outside of a relationship with God so, do not take it litely.

We have to force ourselves to break those bad habits, to do the things neccessary to make the changes needed, to fulfill the decisions that we make. You might want to read that again.

Once you have made your decisions then make a plan to reach it. After that is done then start working your plan. Keep working it and adjusting as you need to until you have accomplished what you have set out to do.

Tell me your thoughts on this and what you plan to do to make changes in your life.

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