Increase Your Signups

You could turn this special time of the year into a profitable
situation for yourself. It could be the start of having a great year
if your opportunity can deliver on it's potential.

You are probable wondering what is so special about this time of the year,
right? Well, it is TAX time where you get to find out if you are going to get a
refund or have to pay the government more of your hard earned money.

If you are like most people you feel that you pay out enough for income taxes
as it is & do not get the full benefits that you should.

Plus they are using your tax dollars bailing out businesses that should know
how to manage their money alot better than they have. And that is just going
to take more away from us that we should be getting some support from.

With changes in the tax laws coming about on a regular basis it is hard
to keep up but you need a way to keep more of the money that you earn
so that you can provide for your family as you see fit. Plus do the things
you want to do with them.

The information below will show how, prospects, your company, & you can
benfit from the tax laws so that it is a win win win situation all the way around.

How You BENEFIT When Your Prospects & Distributors Learn About
Home-Business Tax-Deductions

Recruiting, Closing and Retention are almost automatic once a person really understands the huge tax benefits of operating an active home-based business.

Another BIG reason to sign-up.

When they learn that the tax benefits of having a home-based business can usually put some $300-$600 extra cash in their pockets every month -- starting the month they join a home-based business -- they sign up. The extra income from home-business tax breaks is more than enough to pay for the costs of joining and running almost any network marketing business. They're actually "into profit" even before they make their first sale. How's that for motivation?

A STRONG incentive to Stay In, and to Stay Active.

When they learn that, in order to qualify for the tax breaks, they must actively work their business 4-5 hours per week and must be able to prove they have a profit-intent, they do exactly that. If they ever drop-out or stop actively working the business, they'll have to resume paying Uncle Sam that $300-$600/month extra cash that they've gotten used to putting in their own pocket. So, they don't dare quit.

What will your Distributors need to learn?

* What tax breaks are available to home-business owners,
* The easiest ways to qualify for each of them,
* Easy recordkeeping systems to keep them audit-proof, and
* How to begin adding $300-$600/month to their take-home pay, starting

The Bottom Line? An understanding of home-business tax law offers significant benefits to the Distributor (or member, associate, IMR, etc.), the Prospect, and, very importantly, the Company.

How the DISTRIBUTOR Benefits

Tax breaks put an average of $300-$600 per month extra cash in their pockets

... to purchase more tools
... to pay for autoship
... to attend conventions
... to pay all other costs of operating their network marketing business.

Thus, all Commissions and Bonuses they earn are 100% PROFIT. · Having home-business tax knowledge helps accelerate Recruiting and Closing. · For the first time, distributors now have a way to help prospects who want to join, but do not have the money to get started. How? The tax savings alone will put enough new cash in the prospect's pocket to pay for the sign-up fees and the costs of running a successful business.

It results in Improved Retention and Consistent Results because a distributor loses his/her home-business tax deductions if he/she does not continue to "work the business on a regular and consistent basis, and with the intent to produce a profit."

How the PROSPECT Benefits

Prospects can get a tax deduction for all start-up costs. Tax deductions, alone, can put a new distributer into positive cash flow, even before commission checks begin to arrive. As a New Distributor there's a big incentive to "get active" on Day 1, because he/she begins qualifying for home-business tax deductions as soon as he/she begins to "actively work his/her business on a regular basis."

How the COMPANY Benefits

ALL of the Above -- PLUS...

* Improved RETENTION
* Increased SALES
* Continued GROWTH and STABILITY.




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