Is It Fixed?

I have been having some publishing problrms with the blog as many who use Blogger have over the last week or so. If they are like me they do not exspect to have these problems especially with Google behind something. When I find something that I like to use I want to stay with it until something much better comes along and I was about to go find out if there was.

However, checking in tonight to see if any updates hada been posted I was starting to feel really disappointed because I had not seen any or at least any that I thought would help me. Since I have been reading Disciplines of Doership, I had the urge to do something. So I replied to an answer to a post that I had made regarding the problem.

After that I was going to move on to work on another project but my answer in the post was nagging at me. I was asked did I try the work arounds to the issue we where having and I said yes. I did try some of them but not them all becasue it just seemed like it was going to be a waste of time.

You see we do not always understand something the first time we read, see or hear it. In the past I could pretty much understand things that quickly but as I get older and wiser I realize that it may take going over something a few times before I can really make it a part of my intelligence. That is what happened here.

Reviewing some of the fixes for the posting problem I decided to try another method to see what would happen. If this post gets published then I have found my solution. We shall see.

What I did was clicked on the preview button as if I had wrote something in the edit box. Of course it did not show anything becasue ther was nothing wrote. Then I went to the list of post section of the blog and there was listing for my fake preview. Clicked on the edit post link and like magic I was able to write in my edit box.

How good it feels when you find a sloution for your problem and what if it can help others also. No matter how simple it is it makes you feel like you are on cloud nine. So, now I have to go post this infornation in the help forum for others to potentially use with success.

Lesson of the post, "Do Not Give Up So Easily." That is why we do not achieve all that we want because we give up too soon. It took Thomas Edison thousands of tries before he came up with the light bulb.

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