Do You Have A Following Yet?

One thing that I have come to realize is that you can not develop a busine
without others to follow you. Basically because you can not do it all by yourself.
Believe me; I've tried & it just doesn't work.

So, to help me out I am posting an article from my coach & a friend of mine who knows
more than a  little bit about leadership, law of attraction, marketing, thinking, etc, etc..
Read it to end to get a sample of what is being taught  in our community.

If you decide to join our community, let them know that I am your BENEFACTOR.
There will be rewards for those that do this and you do not want to miss out.

"Follow me and some of you will die."



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From Joe Schroeder / Thesbian / Rogue Doer / PT Saint / FT Sinner

The late greats General George Patton

and Winston Churchill were known for

saying---to their men---

"Follow me, and many of you very well may die."

So did George Washington. His men died

for him and many froze to death because they

had ** NO ** shoes and socks left.

And Washington WARNED them in advance of

their chances of death.

Then we have Martin Luther King, Jr.

Who was idolized, for many reasons, for

telling his people, "follow me and you will watch me die."

And sure enough, within 16 days MLKm, Jr. --- was shot.

Great people inspire greatness in others.

Great people don't cater to mediocrity.


The lessson is obvious if not at least cathardic. .

Great people ask others to RISK and lead

Which doesn't include anything remotely EASY or

work that can be done by someone else

There's nothing "automated" about GREATNESS

Patton didn't stay, "we will do it for you". . .

no more than a Teddy Roosevelt promised

people during the depression, "soon everyone will find work."


Live Call Monday night / general population invited

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No, what President Roosevelt said was . .

which sure as shootin was NOT catering to

people's mediocrity, what Roosevelt said was

"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win

glorious triumphs, even though checkered

by failure... than to rank with those poor

spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because

they live in a gray twilight that knows

not victory nor defeat."

Which brings me to our community the

Million Mind March

Worlds Most Important Phone #

24 Hrs Recorded message 1-800-772-9781 EXT 10

People always asked me, "Hey Schroeder

WHY do you make it so hard for people

to join."

I rarely would answer because often you

can't say the right things to the wrong types anyway

That said though. .

The thing is. . I have always sought soldiers.

Not recruits and certainly not anyone who

would be moved, or pay for, pandering to

people's innate uncertainty and then catering

to their "please do it for me" side by promising

anything EASY which would include being able to

make money quickly---or as I said, easily.

Always Inspire FIGHT before you ask for fellowship

ASK for FIGHT and you insprie a persons innate

life assignment to RE-GENERATE their own image of themselves

I use the word "soldier" because you'll always

fare better, long term, if you promise something

that inspires a persons FIGHT rather than

making claims and offers that intrigue and

induce desperate money changers.
Why do you fare better long term?

Easy Lorenzo Rothery.


As weird as it sounds, people will DO MORE

for OTHER people than often they will do

for themselves.

They'll work doggone crazy hours, for someone else.

History shows us men and women who

clearly would stand before DEATH, for a cause,

and nation and for what?

For someone else.

So the antidote is obvious I hope, which is

to lead with something that doesn't promise

a path of least resistance, but rather a position to uphold

and a character that must be won, and revealed, long before

a promise of gain by "money" alone.

AVON apparently does well. Billions and billions.

And not once does their literature promise, "we do it for you."

Amway as well. Seven (7) BILLION last year and not

Once did they offer EASY or a FASTER way to earn a buck.

What they promised was GET to work and forget

Those weekends because now we will who you

The honor and future equity of those who

Dig in, plug in and stay in.

And look at history:

Simply because as history has also proven

"a fool and his money often separate."

And if you think about it, why attract a fool?

A guy asked me just hours a ago, "Hey Cowboy,

how does one PROMOTE the Million Mind March."

And I answered, "who knows, I'm clueless, I

suppose the same way you promote all of the

other umpteen programs you are trying to hustle

people into."

I answer like that not to annoy anyone, but

simply because what good does it do us long

term to perpetuate and enable followers

when in the end, it's those who can already

fish---the leaders--- who will feed you the longest.

If not at least share what they have with you.

I want people who already have a horse.

Not someone to unsure to even know the

difference between English and western saddles.

Imagine back in 1776 JOHN ADAMS saying to

people in Boston, "No worries, it's easy, no problem."

It goes back to this, whose prepared to die

for what they believe in versus only those

who are willing to WATCH another man or women

do all the grunt work?

The game is to be the OUTSIDER

That's right Lorenzo Rothery, the outsider

When Rolling Stone magazine came out it was an outsider.

But they stood for something.

Just as when google started, where were their ads?

Pssssst, guess what?

They weren't any.


Because google stood for something.

And guess what? T

Google sounded and looked WIERD at first.

So did Einstein.

So did Elvis, as you did once Lorenzo Rothery.

But give it time.

Because being the outsider makes you recognizable

above all of the other voices who don't have a

customer centric value driven position and who

are just looking for helpers who will pay their rent.


Live Call Monday night / general population invited
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Remember back when Dominos pizza said,

"delivered in 30 minutes or it's free."

THAT was someone ready to die for a cause.

A company so customer orientated that they

put themselves at risk, for the betterment of all.






WHO would be lame brain enough to sell

ladies under-wear for a profit of pennies

versus a PERCENTAGE as all other retail stores do?

The answer?

Easy, it's spelled WAL-MART

Who in 1956 monopolized the playing field

by being willing to virtually roll over

and die--for their position--than pander for a buck.

They fought for us with earning PENNIES, not a percentage

which was crazy back then!

It's about this, it's about, what would your kids say

if they asked. "Hey Mom or dad, what do you

sell and exactly what makes people buy from you? Show me?"

It's not about who pays you today.

But rather,

It's about


(listen for the pins dropping)

It's about . .

WHAT will they say about you when you're dead.

It's not about who out smarted who and how

fast can we can all make bookoo-bucks

But rather, what do you STAND for and how

do I know that you actually stand for anything?

HOW do we know?

THAT is how you become "known."

Not always for WHAT YOU do, but for

all that you will not do.

Because it's beneath your soldiers code of character

The working man's union of Greatness

24 Hr. Recorded Victory Message

Joe Schroeder---1-800-772-9781 Ext 10

I will never promise "everyone" anything.

I can't do that because then what I do have

is no longer, unique, revered, or talked about decades later.

SECRET # 34,901 by Joe Schroeder

They'll never know HOW much money you make

But they will know WHAT you stand for

and if it's meaningful and serves a nation, they'll

speak of you LOUDLY, often and in reverence, when you aren't around.

Especially in chat rooms and on face-book.

Yup, they will.

Hey look

watch this

What made WRANGLER jeans so hot back

in the day?

What was it?

It wasn't how cheap you could buy them,

but rather because of the canvas like material and

the rivets ----they'd outlast any other pair of jeans alive.

STUFF like that MEANS something to people.

Tilley hats are $50 to $75 bucks. Those

are the outdoor hats that if you ever lose

or ruin one, by accident, they'll replace it for free.

I like promises that promise me that

when I buy from you, you stand behind it.

And what I found is that if I promise

people that I'll do all the work for them the

people who like to work are insulted by

such a "lazy" offer and those who

do take the bait, are often too lazy to even remember

that they joined in the first place!

So you lose anyway.

In the end anyway.

So I ask folks to MARCH and I encourage them

to not sleep so much. I ask our community to

exhaust themselves in books and to seek to

add more discipline into their lives, before they

ask for more money.

Because we are looking for a few tough soldiers.

Not trying to build a list.

People will remember you longer and

learn to love to like you more, if you

give them a challenge, versus giving them

a path were their LABOR and SWEAT is not needed.

Or even truthfully EARNED.

take away a man's SWEAT EQUITY and you engage his lowest

opinion of himself. What diligent man wants "can you do it for me!"

As we learned from George Patton and George

Washington, challenging others to challenge

themselves, breeds self respect and courage

It adds FIGHT to people's spirit of CAN DO

And you'd be stunned at what OTHER

people would do for you and how well they'd fight

with you, if you challenged their character more

than you promised them a rose garden.

With me, it's harder.

Because here, I expect SWEAT and LABOR

and expect people to become LAWFUL

to their own words.

HERE, we value decision and ask

each other to stand up to their own words,

and promises, not for a day, and not until

they hit gold, but forever.

The working man's union of Greatness

24 Hr. Recorded Victory Message

Joe Schroeder---1-800-772-9781 Ext 10

Come watch me bleed.

Because on my side of the street

people get bloody standing up for

what they believe in and about each other.

Bloody in the mental assault integrity invites.

Bloody in the sense of, "I will not be denied."

Bloody as in, "I ain't moving. Once I

make a decision I stick it out until the end."

Bloody as in, "I'd rather die first than sell

you down the river with a promise I can't deliver."

Bloody as in blood-shot eyes because

you go on a sleep-fast and only reserve six

hours a night of rest, not eight or ten.

THIS builds people and these things advance

a person's positive vision of themselves.

Now you end of up with more people doing

more and being more to more people.

Now YOU mean something to people.

THIS they will remember.

I want to be remembered.

And remembered well.

And I bet you do too Lorenzo Rothery.

So will you fight?

Fight for each other.

Because each other is all we have left.

If you love things that do not have eyes,

you die heart broken and lonely.

Never love the money. It can't love you back.

Make oodles of it.

Free trade.



Get richer.

But do it righteously and rightfully.

Tell the truth, no matter how hard it

may be to swallow, but tell it straight.



ELLEN does.

OPRAH does.

KING, Jr. did.

Tell it honestly.

Hochman does.

Challenge people to be more

Never promise to ERASE them and to do it for them.

If you do, you actually ERASE the very soul

of a man who is dying to RISE and to be more to more people.

Never promise, "I will do it for you" because when you

erase their LABOR and erase their SWEAT you strip

them of the very pride that soldiers use to fight for a cause.

ASK them for MUCH and then watch many raise their

voices in a salute of themselves . . TO themselves!

If you have a sword and want to wave it with me

If you are prepared to get CALOUSES

IF SWEAT and TIRED doesn't bother you

IF TALKING to OTHER man giants doesn't unsettle your vest

IF BEING TEN foot tall and bullet proof is

WHO you were BORN to prove


and only then

Hear this 3 minute Joe Schroeder SOLDIERS challenge

24 Hrs.

1-800-772-9781 EXT 10

I hope some of this made sense.

And I know to a few of you and yes maybe

you Lorenzo Rothery, it was the music that was

already playing in your heart of hearts.

I salute you all

SADDLE UP people

The skies aren't sunny at this moment, clouds are before us

Now get up and ride.

The night will be long.

MARCH with me

FIGHT, and watch me die

Strength and Honor,

Cowboy Joe Schroeder

The soldiers whistle / 24 Hr. Recorded message

1-800-772-9781 EXT 10

This was written 8-4-10

Copyrights 2010 / Joe Schroeder

Feel free to send this to other Soldiers you know

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