Are You Profiting From Social Media?

Don Crowther is about to do 2 FULL DAYS (Over 12+ HOURS) of free content and
the first (and possibly last)  Social Profit Formula Livecast (Monday and Wednesday
of this week) He told me that he is expecting thousands of people to be watching and interacting (Yes he is going to be interacting LIVE)

**Depending on when you are reading this he may be LIVE right Now**

Starting Monday, June 11th at 5pm Eastern until 11:30pm, he's got a whole TV crew
on his back deck. Guests I KNOW about:

Andy Jenkins
Mike Koenigs
Jeff Walker
Perry Marshall
Dan Hollings
Dan Thies
Leslie Rohde

...ALL big name "guru" guys who are crushing it with. BUT, the SPF Livecast is also
going to Showcase TONS ofReal-Life case-studies from people just like you and me.

....And they are quietly (some not so quietly) crushing it with

Social Media in their niches and by becoming Social Media Consultants (Module 8
is where she learned that)

AND of course, it's LIVE Streaming video and they will be taking YOUR questions,
and responding to YOUR feedback LIVE as they go.

Just put it on in the background if you can't pay attention for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT,
lol. ¬You're bound to learn SOMETHING, even if it's just to see HOW they're
trying to pull this insanity off.

I'll be on there myself as much as I can, check it out for the full schedule, dates,
times, and all the juicy details.

See you at the the LiveCast!


P.S. HINT: After seeing the insanity that Andy Jenkins just pulled off and all the Rave
Reviews and Content packed Livecast I know that Don is going to pull out all the stops
to top what Andy just did...

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