Leaders; 3 Ways to Help Your Downline
Part 1

You know it is funny how many wannabe leaders
there are in the network marketing insdustry that
do not know how to lead. They do not provide the
proper guidence to their recruits & then wonder why
they are not doing anything or quitting.

I know since I have expierenced this several times
myself. Its like they only care about getting you in the
business but after that you are on your own to
build your business. That is just going to lead to
failure & you getting out of the game. Then there
goes another one going around telling how network
marketing does not work & is just a scam.

Well, in this issue & the next two, I am going to give
you 3 things that if you provide for your new & old recruits
you should have a growing business.

First of all, your people are going to need training on
how to do the business. Since most are coming from
a regular job or the corporate world they don't
understsand what to do. Most companies do not
have a good enough training program to get people
off & running which is a crying shame.

Think about it, if  they are depending on these people
to move their products & services you think they would
provide the means to do it. They want to just give you
some lame general directions and send you out their
to make your fortune. Then you probably don't know
much more or if you do, don't have the time to spend with
them until they get it.

What if there was a site that could provide them with the
training they needed so they could become successful.
Plus it did not require you to do a whole lot of hand
holding. If fact that is what I was told when introduced to
the system myself. I thought that makes perfect sense.
They could learn how to do the business & just get with you
when they needed clafication on how to apply the
training to your program.

This system has more than enough training for your
recruits to get them going & building their business.
When they are doing that, then your business will be
growing also and that is what you want is it not?

To get plugged into this system & try it yourself go to

There is a mastermind group that I belong to that provides
extra training that you can get into also if you decide to use
the system & for your group & business development.
You will be glad you did.


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