How Many Have You Helped Today?

Tell me something, how many of you know someone who
says they want to help others, as their mission in life. Not don't
get me wrong I think that those that can should help those that
need it, becasue it's the right thing to do.

To me helping others is your way of giving back & making
the world a better place while you are here. It is part of the
fundemantel teachings of the Bible & books on success.

Great books like Think & Grow Rich, The Science of
Getting Rich, Conversations With Millionaires, & a host of
other ones that I have studied over the years. I have read
about it so much that it is a part of me that I have to let
out in some way.

Mike Litman is the author of Conversations With Millionaires
& for some reason his chapter on this topic has stayed with me
the most. I guess it is because I felt the same way he did before
he made the dramtic realizaation he reveal in the book.

If you have not read it you really should. It tells how he
went from not knowing what he wanted to do in life  to
becoming a successful businessman & coach to thousands.
It went something like this. He like many of us always felt the
urge to help those in need or charities that he felt a
close connection to.

Only thing is that he could not do it in a big enough way to
experience the feeling that he had made a difference. Giving
small sums of money helps but its just not the same as when
you give huge amounts. That is what he wanted to do & I, as
you can relate to that, right?

It finally dawned on him that he could not helps others the
way he wanted to until he helped himself. He had to get
in a better poisition so that he could actually do more for the
cause he was trying to help.

In other words as Wallace D. Wattles says in The Science of
Getting Rich, "we are to do our best to make the most of
ourselves" & we need things in order to do that. However,
you can not have things unless you are able to buy them & it
takes money to do that.

The other book I mentioned, Think & Grow Rich teaches us
that if you find a need (a problem) & fill it (provide the solution),
you shall get rich. Look around you & I am sure you can see
many problemss that need solutions. You only have to
provide for one to have a rewarding & fullfilling life.

So, I have decided to put this into pracatice as the desire
to make a difference is burning inside of me now. How
about you. 


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