How To Generate Cash Flow For MLM Using Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure as a network marketer, you will want these two things more
than anything else for your business – more leads and more cash
flow for your business.

Let’s talk about cash flow.

You see, getting leads in your business is very important, no doubt.
But leads in and of itself that doesn’t transform into money is as useless
as window shoppers. Some window shoppers might walk into a shop to
checkout your wares, but when nobody is buying your products, you might
as well shut down your business because you can’t even pay your monthly
rental to keep your business alive.

The network marketing business functions on the same level as opening
your own restaurant or a shop:

-   You need to buy products every single month or pay for your monthly
auto-ship. Now opportunities with auto-ships may be a double edged sword.
You have a commitment to pay monthly but so do your downlines (and that
translate into a monthly income for you). A program without an enforced auto-ship
is good too, but the volume needs to come in order for your business volume to
grow. In essence, you have to spend money to buy products; otherwise, your
downline will not do so (duplication).

-   You need to pay for your gas mileage and other fixed expenses. After all, you
have to maintain your day to day expenses. Many network marketers get so fired
up about their business until they forget that they have to pay their expenses and
they quit because they run out of money.

-   You need to invest in training materials as well. That is the only way to move
forward as a leader. Books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and seminar tickets are all expensive
but worthwhile investments.

Bottom-line, you must have cash flow otherwise you can’t succeed in network marketing.

Let’s explore a way to get cash flow consistently. The first two ways are the most
common, while the third way is untapped (mostly by network marketers) and worth

1.   Recruiting new downlines and getting them to buy starter pack. This is one of the
fastest, quick money ways to get cash flow. You can also cash in on their monthly
auto-ship and other purchases.

2.   Retailing – you can make a consistent income when you retail your company’s
products to your consumers.

3.   Affiliate marketing – this is a very good way to make money from your leads or
prospects even if they do not fall into the two categories above.

When you engage in affiliate marketing, your goal as a network marketer is to market
a low-cost, generic information product about network marketing. These are information
that anyone can use and it has the largest target market due to its low cost and high
demand. After all, everyone needs information.

A good affiliate program will pay you anywhere between 40% to 75% for marketing other
people’s info products. Even if your prospects do not sign up with you or buy your products,
you might as well make money by diverting your leads or traffic there.
At the end of the day, you can make good money by driving search engine traffic, forum
traffic, Facebook or MySpace traffic and even bring people to your blog by marketing affiliate
products for cash flow to keep your business afloat. Who knows, those customers might even
turn into your downlines some day.

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