Four Very Silly Mistakes That Can Lead Your MLM Email Marketing To Failure

You must have heard of how email marketing is a very profitable way to arouse the
interest of a prospect in joining into your MLM opportunity. However, you must also
know that there are some common pitfalls to avoid here. Email marketing has to be
done very carefully. The following are four mistakes that are definitely avoidable
(we are only talking about email marketing to your opt-in lists here, not email
marketing that is sent to a random group of people; that borders on spamming anyway):-

You also have to be aware of these four mistakes because emails are read less today
than they where just a few years ago. People just do not take the time or have it to
read emails like they use to. Now it is not completely dead as some people like to make
it out to be but you do not want to give your readers any more reason not to read yours.

Containing Pointless and Meaningless Content

When the person first opted in to your list, they were looking forward to get some
meaningful information from you. Now, if you send out emails that contain fluff and
junk, they are surely going to delete that email and probably even block you. Give
them valuable content and they will stay with you. There is no need to flood their
inboxes with your emails. Even if you send an email once or twice a month, it is
enough, provided you give them high quality information.

Using Poor Grammar and Punctuation

If you think these things are irrelevant in emails, you need to do a serious rethink.
Business emails need to have impeccable grammar and punctuation. That is
important if you want to impress the English-speaking audience. If you are
targeting people who speak a different language, it is best to write emails to them
in that language and, once again, it is important to pay attention to the spelling,
grammar and punctuation of that language.

Using a Generic Tone

Even though the person getting the email from you knows that the email has been
sent out to a lot of other people, it makes them happy to see that you have done a
little bit of customization and personalization for them. A very simple thing like
including their name in the beginning makes a great deal of difference. You have
software applications available that can automate that, so it is no great deal. One
more very important thing that you have to keep in mind is the tone of the email.
You should not make it sound too highbrow and technical. A breezy conversational
tone is the best to have.

Lacking in Punch

Your email has to have the chutzpah that can entice the reader. It is extremely
important to put some motivation in there for them so that they take the action you
intend them to. It pays to have a professional writer write out the emails for you so
that it fits in with the eligibilities mentioned here and above. This is a very small thing
to do if you want your MLM business to grow.

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