Top Tips - How to Promote Your Affiliate Programs

You’ve decided to use affiliates to promote your products or services.
Smart move. While you may reduce your initial purchase profits, you’ll
also gain more loyal customers and that adds up quickly. Affiliates are
a great way to not only boost sales but long-term profits as well. Of
course in order to boost those profits you want to have a top group of
affiliates promoting your business.

Here are the top tips to promote your affiliate programs.

#1 Create a separate membership site or website devoted to promoting
your affiliate program. Each program, if you have more than one, gets its
own website. This not only attracts visitors via search engines, it gives
your current affiliates a place to go for answers and it provides you with a
single point for analytics. You can test and track various marketing methods
to attract affiliates.

#2 Give away information on how to be a successful affiliate marketer. And
include links to your own affiliate programs. Consider promoting this giveaway
using your traditional marketing methods. For example, social networking and
email marketing.

#3 Provide testimonials. Collect testimonials about your affiliate program and
display them on your website. Imagine how motivating it would be to see how
much someone made selling your products or services. Money, and success, talks.

#4 Promote your affiliate program in your business marketing materials. For
example, if you have a newsletter then promote your affiliate program in your
newsletter. Often the best affiliates are current customers or subscribers. 

#5 Post your affiliate program description and opportunity on free classified websites.
For example, Craigslist and both offer free listings and you can generate
awareness and interest for free.

#6 List your affiliate program with affiliate program directories. This is where many
affiliate marketers gather programs that match their niche.

#7 Write content for affiliate program directories, article directories, and for blogs
dedicated to affiliate marketing. Sometimes it can be difficult to gain a position as a
guest blogger. Start by commenting on the blogs and offering insight and advice. Earn
the right to pitch a blog post idea.

Make sure that you also create a top-notch affiliate program for your affiliates. They’ll
spread the good news of your affiliate program. Offer incentives, marketing materials
and support. Consider also offering a tier-based system where your affiliates can earn
more money by recruiting other affiliates and promoting your program.

A great affiliate program, and a well-promoted affiliate program, can launch your business
to a whole new level. Consider starting with the affiliates you do have. Treat them well and
motivate them to promote your program. You’ll attract top performing affiliates and earn the
success you’re seeking.

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