What Do MLM Big Names Have That You Don't?

When you started out with your multilevel marketing business, chances are
that your eyes were fixed on the big names of the industry such as Amway,
Tupperware, 4Life, Herbalife, MonaVie, Usana and others. Probably you
wanted to be in the league of those extraordinary gentlemen and ladies
who rake in six figure incomes a year apparently without doing anything much.

Reading their success stories probably gave you goose bumps too
because most of these people literally got into riches from the rags.

But then why aren't you heading the same way? Why is your network
stagnating? Perhaps you are thinking, what has their marketing network
got that mine hasn't? Here are some answers!


We cannot deny it – MLM requires a significant amount of aggressiveness.
You have to be confident about what you are selling and then you have to be
over-zealous in selling it. Check out the videos of some of the great MLM
gurus convincing people. They speak almost like religious leaders; they have
that kind of enthusiasm in them.

They have a very intense motivational streak. That really helps people buy into
what they are selling. If you do not have that zest or that ability to motivate people,
you will end up with very few people in your network.

Are you convinced about your plan yourself? This may not be the case even
though you are a part of that activity. Probably, you ridicule your plan among people
who you know will not be your prospects. Now, this can be suicidal. Word carries
itself fast. If you are not convinced, it will be felt by other people.

The most successful people in the industry even breathe their MLM plans. They are
their MLM plans and their MLM plans are them. That is the strength you have to build
in so that things work.

Networking, Networking, Networking

You may think you have networked enough, but it can never be enough actually! The
MLM greats of the world go on promoting their plans ad infinitum. They never let go.
Anyone who comes in close proximity of them is considered to be a potential prospect.

You have to have that tendency too. Never let go of your marketing practices. Everyone
you meet should know what you are doing. You never know who would be really interested.

Thinking Big

This is a common element in all big MLM leaders of the world today. Whatever their
circumstances were, whatever problems they had in their life, they did not let these
dampen their enthusiasm for thinking as big as they could.

They kept making goals for themselves and achieved them, and they still do this. Success
is an ongoing process. MLM experts who are successful today know that. It is time you left
your petty reservations and took a complete plunge too!

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