Are You Missing Part Of Your 2011 Tax Refund?

Hey, I don't know about you but I like getting refund checks from
the government. Well really it depends on why I am getting it? You
see I would rather get my money during the year when I need it. Most
people do not realize that by getting a tax refund every year you are
actually giving the governement an interest free loan.

That does not make sense to me becasue if you owe them, they are
going to charge you interest and penalties if you can not pay right
away. I know becasue I have had to pay them. Now they are not all that
bad as long as you do what you say you are going to do.

The IRS may still be holding onto some of the money you should have
gotten in your tax refund.  Three factors may have caused you to
understate your home-business tax deductions, which, of course,
would result in you getting a smaller refund than you should have gotten.

1.  You may have held back on some deductions,
     due to concern that if you claimed ALL of your
     deductions, it might trigger an audit,
2.  You may have had to skip some deductions
     because you didn’t keep adequate records to
     determine the amount, or to document them
3.  Most likely you had some expenses that were
     legitimately deductible, but perhaps you didn’t
     know they were deductible, so how could you
     have claimed them?

      TO GET A 2nd TAX REFUND!

Congress is giving you a second chance to get an ADDITIONAL
refund if you missed any deductions for any of the above 3 reasons.
Read that again, very carefully…

Congress is giving you a second chance to get an additional, 2nd
refund if you missed out on any deductions for any of the above
3 reasons.

In fact, this “second chance” applies to all tax returns you have
filed in the PAST 3 YEARS --2009, 2010 and 2011.


I will spell it out in detail on a FREE webinar this Sunday, 5/20
at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT. Can’t make it Sunday night? I’ll repeat the
same briefing again Monday night, 5/21, at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern.

The 60-minue briefing will address all 3 areas listed above IN DETAIL.

Register for either of the two webcasts at
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IMPORTANT NOTE:  A replay link for the recording of this webcast
will be made available only to those who pre-register. So if you
cannot attend “live” but want this information, be sure to register anyway
so that you will get the replay link.

I am going to be on the webinar because I know that I left some
money with  the IRS because I did have all my information together.
The way I see it is that they take too much anyway especially when you
have to payback some more. Like I had to recently. The big companies
get to be that way because they get to keep  most of their money by
paying as little in taxes as possible. Don't You Want To Do The Same?

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