3 Things People Need Now

People are in a state of despair & are in a trance without
even realizing it. If you go out in where there is a group of
people, just check them out to see if I am right or not.

Look for the most part the population is still waiting on the
government to bail them out & get the economy going again.
They are still believing those lies that where told  in the past
that have not come true yet. Heck the government can't bail
itself out of the mess it is in so, what makes you thing the
are going to do anything for you.

People need to start believing in themselves again, that they
can turn their hardships around & have a less stressful life.
Lack of belief in themselves is causing them to fear doing
something different or extra to put an end to the financial
or physical pain that they are going thru. We have more
problems now with all this technology & information than
we did without it in the past.

The people do not have love for themselves or their fellow
man like they use to. They rather put up with less than they
can have becasue they feel like they do not deserve it. That's
crazy becasue you have the right to enjoy all that you can
as long as you do not cause harm to others while doing it.
If you really loved yourself & others then why are you not
making it better for you all? There is nothing wrong with
self love either because before you can love others you have
to love yourself first.
Last but not least, people are not as happy as they used to be.
They are more hateful and mean to each other which does
not do any good for us. Instead of trying to be helpful to others
usually they are trying to get over on them. Get something for
nothing. We can not go on like this because it is just going to
bring society down more than it is no and we will be like the
animals in the jungle.

So, we the people need to be awakened and start believing
in ourselves that we can make things better for all. We have to
love ourselves and others enough to make the world a
better place. Then we will have the happiness that we all are
searching for because we have done something for someone
else. That is where true happiness comes from.


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