Six Tips for Direct Sales Business Success and Team Development

Being successful in direct sales requires more effort than just recruitment
and training of new team members. As a leader, you will find yourself doing
a great deal of mentoring, but you also need to be able to build solid
relationships and conduct business in a trustworthy manner. 

1. Before you begin recruiting members for your team, come up with a
business plan for your business. In your business plan, include the mission,
vision, objectives, and goals of your company. Once you develop your
business plan, you can begin the task of recruiting team members that will
help your business maintain your business objectives and constantly move forward.
2. Team development begins with recruiting solid prospects. It is important
to be willing to put yourself in places that will allow you to find those who are
interested and passionate about becoming a hard-working team member.
Many online communities have forums where you can put information on your
business and recruit others. Social media websites are another great place to
find prospects for your team. 

3. Finding the prospects really isn’t the hardest part of team development.
The most difficult aspect of it all boils down to converting the prospects to
team members and making sure they are well informed and trained. For this to
happen, you need to make sure that you are well educated on your business. Be
open so that your team members can consult when they are in need of assistance.
If your team members see that you are very knowledgeable about the business,
love what you do and support them, they are much more likely to become
extraordinary team members.

4. As prospects become team members, consider these people to be your
co-workers. Each of you is working towards a common goal. In order for that to
happen, you regularly put forth an effort to lead the team. This will consist of
regular training sessions, conference calls and interaction with your team members. 

5. Time management is another essential component of ensuring success in
direct sales businesses. You will want to make sure you work on a schedule and
prioritize business tasks accordingly. What’s most important and what needs to be
done first? This is something you will also be sharing with your team members as
you coach them.

6. Assist your team members when they need it. Don’t just leave them out there to
figure it out on their own. This will also consist of helping them recruit other
members for the team. Each new member recruited is a step closer to success,
especially when the team has an awesome leader.

As your business evolves from start-up to growth, always remember to set goals.
Once you reach one goal, it’s time to set another one. Stay motivated and reward
yourself and your team for a job well done. When team members see you as a
positive example and motivator, they are much more likely to work hard, stay focused
and deliver the outcomes that will result in success for your business. 

It takes a lot of effort and time to build a successful direect sales business but in the
end it is worth it. You need to be disciplined yourself to see that things are getting
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