Get Your Money Back!

When you go into business you do it create profits so
you can pay the bills & have enough left over to fulfill
your dreams, right?

Well, one of the key indicators in deciding on an
opportunity or making an equipment purchase is what
is your ROI going to be. Basically what is the Return On
Investment going to work out to.

You calculate it by dividing how many of an item you
have to sell or members to join divided into what it cost
you to get started. For example say it cost you $200 to get
into your program & you can earn $25 for each person that
you get to come in.Well we would take 200/25 & that tells us
that we need to bring 8 people in to recoup our investment.

You probably though I was talking about retuning your
purchase to get your money back & no that wasn't it.
If that is the case then you should not have made the
purchase in the first place.

Do not take a long time to do this either. The longer it
takes you to achieve this goal the longer it will be before
you are making any profits. The reason that is becasue
you aren't taking any action which leads to fear & doubt.

You let them two setttle in your mind & you might as well
as close up shop. Do not let them steal your dreams as they
have so many others.

Time does not wait on anyone and as they say "time is money"
in business. So, your first order of business after you get in is
getting setup,determining what it will take to get your roi, &
then taking ACTION to get it done.

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