Are You Playing to Win?

You know that we are just about to be over all those bowl games that have
been on for the past couple of weeks. This has been a college football fan's
moment of joy or agony of defeat.

Depending on how your team did will determine what type of moment it
was for you at the end of the game. Alot of times it is hard to accept the
outcome the game especially if you are on the losing side.

If you watched the Orange Bowl last night you and you are a Clemson
fan, then you suffered the agony of defeat. It was just sick to watch the
team get beat like they stole something. I thought I was over the games
getting me down like that one did. I could have stayed in bed this
morning after that beatdown.

That had me thinking well if people live their lives like those guys played,
then they are not experiencing the joys that are out there. The sad thing is
that you can see that people are just beat down from all the things life
throws at them. It's like they have given up & are content with the way
things are.

Hey, it is time to wake up and begin to live again. It is 2012 and there
is no reason why anyone should be struggling if they would just apply
themselves. That is been one area that I made a resolution to overcome
this year.

You have to be willing to change, make the effort to change & then
apply the change in your life everyday. That's as long as you are not
going to hurt anyone else in the process. You should always be looking
for the win-win(win) situation, that way all parties can feel great about.

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