Welcome to the beginning of a new start for everyone. You need to reflect back on last
year to see what went well & what did not. Then figure out what went wrong &
make sure that you do not do those things again.

It is time to make your plans if you have not done so because failure to plan is a
plan to fail. You need to know what you are going to accomplish this year &
then the methods you are going to use to make it happen.

I like to start with a fresh slate at the beginning of the year unless it is something that
I planned on carrying on for a long time. Since it is the first day of the year this is the
best time to get focused & concentrate on your plans. However, if you do not take
action on those plans nothing will change & you will be in the same boat as before.

We must realize that time is short and we can not afford to waste any of it. For we
do not know what tomorrow holds for us so we better make the most of the time
we have.

I am commented to working with those achieve what they want as long as they
know what it is & have way to get it. Since most people do not, I am willing to
mastermind with them in order to figure it out.

I saw this in an email from one of my mentors & it fit the way I an feeling now.

                          2012 is the Year of YOU!!!

If you are interested in that sort of help, leave a comment below to let me know
how I can be of service to you.

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