Freedom Isn't Free

Living in America if you do tends to make you think that you
have unlimited freedom. I know I use to think that also but I
am not so sure now a days.

Who is it that really has the freedom that is what suppose to
make this a great country? Now I want to clarify what type of
freedom I am talking about. This about you having a lifestyle
where you are able to enjoy life.

Let me "make it plain", as a member of my church is fond of
saying. Do you have the means to provide for you and your
family without worrying about giving something up. If you
are like most people the answer is no. Now there could be
any number of reasons why that is but the bottom line is
that it is only you that can fix it.

In my research on achieving success I have found out that
you must take responsibility for your life. That is the choices
you make & the actions you do or do not take are the cause for
the state of affairs you are in right now. You probably want
to blame others for it but that does not change the fact. You know
why because you are not going to get anything for free.

Freedom is not free.

As you may have heard many a times while growing up,
anything worth having is worth working for. I don't know
who said it but it is as true today as when it was first said.

You are going to have to put in time, effort, & some finances
most likely in order to enjoy true freedom. Such as being able to
travel as you want. Live where you want. Experience all tyoes of
entertainment. Enjoy good food & health. Be educated. Wear fine
clothing. Now this is just the simply but some of the important
things that freedom can provide. Just think about it. Compare
how you are living now & what it would take to have the
things listed above.

If you want to experience true freedom then you are going to
have to find the path to take to get you there because as stated
above it is up to you. You can be guided or coached but you
are still going to have to do the work. What is funny is that people
want the freedom but they do not want to work for it. Forget about
it, if you feel that way.

I have decided that I am going to do what it takes in order to have
what I want. Do you want a better quality of life? If you feel the same
way then I would love to hear about it. Post your comments below.
Who knows maybe we can take the journey together or at least in
support of one another.   

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