How Many Customers Do You Have?

Well, how many do you have? You do know that you & the company are
suppose to be getting customers to use the products &/or services, right?
That is because that is what the business is suppose to be doing, marketing
something that people can actually use.

Most of the time when you talk about this business model of ours it is
focused on the recruiting of other representatives. This being a business
based on leverage and that being the major way of doing it. Nothing wrong
with it because that is one way to grow your business as well as that of
the company.

The only thing with recruiting is that it takes alot of time & effort to where
it is paying off for you. It depends on alot of variables but it can be done &
you can learn to do it.

I learned along time ago that it is easier to get customers and to create
an instant and steady cashflow. I was reminded of that recently by Kim
Klaver, a major player & trainer in the industry. She has a course called
100 Customers in 100 Days that shows you how to get them

Question; Is your product or service so good that you would use it even
if the opportunity to market it was not there? Think about it, how many
products do you use on a daily bases that you do not market? That is how
alot of the big corportaions do it as well as all the small businesses out there.

So, if you want a steady cashflow & easier way to recruit reps. then acquire
the customers first.

If you are interested in learning how to do this then leave your comments
below and we will be in touch with you. Hey this could even help keep your
people from bailing on you since they will be earning money from the start.  
WOW, how good that would feel.

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