The Most Effective Sources To Improve Your Personality

It's been said that if you want to earn more then you have to become or
grow more. What it means is that you have do personal development to
become a more effective person  when dealing with others.

You must have asked yourself this question often, “How do I improve
my personality and become a more effective person?” People
throughout the ages have realized that personality is a very important
contributor to success. Indeed, you cannot succeed without having a
great personality. When you are inspiring, confident, charming, optimistic,
etc. you are improving your personality. The sheer magnetic effect that it
adds to your charisma is what brings you to success.

But, where do you go to improve your personality? There are actually
various places where you can learn.

The most effective school for building a personality is life itself. Learn
from the people that you meet everyday. Just think about the people who
inspire you the most. What do they have that you don’t? What is it that
makes you and other people drawn to them? Surely it is not just about
physical looks. When we are talking about success in business, a person’s
physicality does not really matter. So, there’s something else. Maybe:-

(i)   These people are more self-confident than you are,
(ii)  These people are able to do things by themselves in a much
       better way than you can,
(iii) These people are able to speak and communicate in a better way,
(iv) These people have a better sense of humor,
(v)  These people are friendlier

…and so on. These are the things that really build their personality. Analyze
which of these traits they have and try to emulate them in your own personality.
Even if you take one positive trait from the influential people that you meet and
work them in your own personality, you can see how your life will be improved.
The second source – and a very considerable source too – to hone your
personality is through books. Some of the best sellers of the world have been
personality development books. Some names that come to mind without any
effort are:-

(i)    How to win Friends and influence People
(ii)   Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
(iii)  The Secret
(iv)  Who moved my Cheese?
(v)   Rich Dad, Poor Dad
(vi)  The entire Chicken Soup series of books

These are just a few examples. Go to the nearest bookstore and you will find
so many titles. Even if currently you think that books cannot teach you anything,
you must make an attempt at least. Read any one of these titles and you will
see how they can influence your way of thinking. You won’t have to do anything
special, but these books will add to the richness of your life.

Improving personality is not something that you can start and then stop; it has
to be an ongoing process. Start learning from these sources and you will see
that you reach where you want to.

I am a believer in the  study & practice of personal development. If
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