Are Home Parties Still Relevant?

Do people like to still have fun & gather with families
& friends? I know I do as well as you do also. It seems
like they are getting together more now than they did

I believe that social media has brought us out of our
self imposed prisions.

What is a home party? A home party or a party plan is a network
marketing gathering at the home of a distributor (known as the host).

This business model is made popular many decades ago by a
company called Tupperware. It works by having a party host organize
a Tupperware party and they invite their friends and neighbors to their
homes to see their product line. According to the company’s policy,
the host who organizes the home party is given lots of free products
based on the number of orders taken or the level of sales made during
the party. These parties also take place in offices, schools/colleges
and even in community groups such as country clubs and churches as well.

In fact, these home parties have extended (but are not limited) to product
lines such as lingerie, computer and video games and even sex toys!

Today, the biggest concern for the 21st century is – are home parties still
relevant in the Google era? With the introduction of YouTube, you can virtually
see an entire product demo unfold right before your eyes. In fact you do not
even need to drive out of your house (to the host’s home) to watch the
product demo there.

So are home parties still relevant? In my opinion, the answer is yes and no.

You have to learn to be savvier when it comes to organizing home parties.
Simply just sending out to invitation cards and pestering your friends and
neighbors to come to your home party isn’t as easy anymore because people
are getting wiser. They are aware of your ‘schemes’ and they know more and
more about MLM.

When you want to pitch your product, you have to be able to engage it in
such a way that doesn’t look like you are hard selling or obliging others to
buy your product.

On the other hand, when you consider that the Internet is a place that is devoid
of the persona, face to face interaction, you will begin to wonder if being virtual
is the best way to go or not? There are some things that only the personal touch
can achieve, like giving prospects the comfort for them to make a decision.

Sometimes, the prospect needs to see and touch the actual product in order to
decide if that is the thing that they want to buy.

The best solution is to combine both elements for your home party. You can try
running an online ad to gather leads, you record your own YouTube video to show
people how the product benefits and finally invite them to your house in order to
do the product demo, right after the autoresponder has helped you to build a

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